Why Should You Rely on Trained Professionals to Install Your Impact Doors and Windows?

Unlike installing certain standard windows, the installation of impact windows is not a DIY job. As an analogy, the equivalent would be like trying to put a V-6 engine on a skateboard. Needless to say, the installation of impact doors and windows should only be done by skilled specialists. V&V Windows has trained professionals doing these installations on a daily basis.

Impact Windows vs. Standard Windows

The most significant difference between impact windows and standard ones is in the construction of the product. Impact windows feature a shatter-proof membrane of PVB or polyvinyl butyral laminated between two layers of tempered glass. So, if the outer glass layer shatters, the PVB layer will prevent the shards of glass from entering your home since they are sticking to that inner layer. Standard windows are made with a single or double layer of regular glass.

A similar form of construction applies to impact doors. The most common materials used in the construction of regular doors are aluminum, fiberglass, or wood with some type of insulating filler inside the door panels. In most cases, the door frame is made from aluminum or wood. However, these doors are not capable of standing up to flying debris or hurricane-force winds. V&V Windows’ impact doors and windows are made from tested materials that can resist the impact of flying debris. As V&V Windows manufactures and sells the product range directly, they guarantee high quality and best prices with an in-house team for installation on the products. Additionally, all products manufactured and sold by V&V Windows meets the U.S-safety standards. 

The Importance of Using the Right Frame

You may as well try to protect yourself and your home with a cardboard or paper mâché door if you don’t install your impact doors and windows in the correct frame and with the right hinges. While the door is capable of withstanding the impact of flying debris and hurricane-force winds, it has to be anchored properly. So, this begs the question –   would you entrust the maintenance and repair of your luxury or sports car to just any mechanic? Then why trust an amateur to install your impact doors and windows?

The installation of impact doors and windows requires the knowledge of specialists who are skilled at their trade. V&V Windows specialists are certified and insured in all facets of door and window installation. Furthermore, all work complies with Florida building codes and regulations. For more information regarding impact doors and windows for your home or to schedule an estimate, or an installation contact VVWindows.com.