Impact Doors and Windows – The Best Option for Your Florida Home

One of the best ways that south Florida homeowners can protect their families and their valuables is by installing impact doors and windows. This state sees its fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms between the months of June through November, some of which have been proven to be highly destructive. Flying debris shatters windows and hurricane-force winds tear roofs off of homes leaving millions if not billions of dollars in damages in their wake. Sadly, some lives are even lost as a result.

After decades of damage in past hurricane seasons, impact doors and windows have proven how effective they are as a preventative measure. So, it should come as no surprise when we tell you that many homeowners are thankful for the benefits, they’ve provided in years gone by. V&V Windows’ impact-resistant windows and doors have earned a reputation of protecting families and the homes they live in for decades. Additionally, our products protect you from intruders and also reduce noise pollution. When you are looking at the security of your home, you need to consider the product range available by the company. Here at V&V Windows, we are a one-stop-shop where we manufacture and install impact windows and doors for you.

New Designs, Improved Technology

After years of protecting homeowners, their families, and their valuables, new designs have become available thanks to technological improvements in the manufacturing process. These newer designs compliment a wide range of architectural styles and appeal to personal tastes as well. Most importantly, they still provide the same durable and protective qualities that homeowners desire. V&V Windows impact doors and windows are designed with unique technologies that have made them more desirable and effective.

V&V Windows creates its products by sandwiching a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two layers of tempered glass and then laminates them to ensure the maximum flexibility possible. Unlike regular or standard doors and windows, the products we manufacture can withstand flying debris that is being carried by hurricane-force winds that would shatter a regular window and cause internal damage to a home.  We have many satisfied customers that will attest to this.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Family and Home

We have received much recognition for the quality of our impact doors and windows.  And as manufacturers and direct sellers, we offer affordable and competitive prices to suit all budgets. Even the federal government has recognized our products as being highly effective during hurricanes and tropical storms. In fact, the Florida state government now requires the installation of impact-resistant windows and doors throughout many coastal areas and especially where hurricane damage is an all too common occurrence. Why not let us help protect your home and the people living in it.  Call V&V Windows today.