How Impact Doors and Windows reduce Noise Pollution

Whenever we discuss impact doors and windows with potential clients here in South Florida, most are unaware of their noise reduction qualities. After all, the main reason for installing them is to protect your family and home from the wrath of a hurricane or severe tropical storm. Therefore, the reduction of noise pollution isn’t a top priority when searching for high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors since no one wants to sacrifice their family’s safety for noise reduction.

Do Noise-cancelling Doors and Windows really exist?

Noise-cancelling or noise-eliminating doors and windows are a bit of a contradiction in that they can reduce ambient or environmental noise but not cancel out or eliminate it altogether. However, certain types such as the impact doors and windows installed by V&V Windows can reduce a significant portion of noise pollution and enable you to enjoy a much more peaceful life in the process. In order to understand the concept of noise-reducing doors and windows, you need to familiarize yourself with STC.

STC stands for sound transmission class which is a scale for measuring how easily noise and sounds can travel through glass doors and windows. A standard window containing a single pane of glass and surrounded by a wooden frame has an STC rating that falls in the high 20’s. In order to be classified as noise-canceling or soundproof, a glass door or window must have a rating of 45 or higher. In order to have that high of an STC rating, you must install impact doors and windows. V&V Windows ensures that each product range meets all safety and quality standards before they are sold. As direct manufacturers and sellers of impact doors and windows, V&V Windows first priority is your safety offered at affordable prices. 

Noise Reduction Benefits of Impact Doors and Windows

While the primary benefit and purpose of impact doors and windows is hurricane and tropical storm protection, they also protect you, your family, and home from burglars and intruders while at the same time reducing noise pollution. So how do impact-resistant windows and doors reduce noise pollution? By using insulation and lamination improve ordinary glass doors and windows. Our impact doors and windows are strengthened by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer sandwiched in between two layers of tempered glass.

The number of layers and the materials used in the construction of these products will depend on the type of doors and windows you want. In any event, you’ll be living in a quieter home once V&V Windows installs their impact doors and windows. Whether it’s construction, the neighbor’s loud music, street traffic, or any other noises, V&V Windows has the solution. Contact us today at and schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate.