Can Small Storms Cause Huge Damage to Your Home?

Florida’s hurricane season typically begins in June and continues through November.  Yet while it brings with it a torrent of storms, these events seem to intensify and worsen with each passing year. Consequently, if your home isn’t protected with impact doors and windows, even a small tropical storm can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Fortunately, 2019 has not been as disastrous a year as many in the past have been, but it pays to be safe at all times.

Understanding the 5 Hurricane Categories

The system that classifies storms according to their wind speed is known as the “Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale” or SSHWS for short. We typically see two categories of events (tropical depressions and tropical storms) prior to the onset of a hurricane. The sustained wind speed of a tropical depression is less than 39 mph or 34 knots while the that of a tropical storm ranges from 39 to 119 mph or 34 to 64 knots. Once the wind speed exceeds 74 mph or 64 knots, the 5 hurricane wind speed categories apply:

  • Category 1 – Wind speeds range from 74 to 95 mph or 64 to 82 knots 
  • Category 2 – Wind speeds range from 96 to 110 mph or 83 to 95 knots 
  • Category 3 – Wind speeds range from 111 to 129 mph or 96 to 112 knots
  • Category 4 – Wind speeds range from 130 to 156 mph or 113 to 136 knots
  • Category 5 – Wind speeds exceed 157 mph or 137 knots

It’s obvious from the above information that even a Category 1 hurricane can generate wind speeds that can cause a significant amount of damage to any home . . . and it only gets worse as you move up through the scale. Even homes, offices, trees, and vehicles can be damaged by the winds generated by a tropical depression. This is why having impact doors and windows installed by V&V Windows is so important when it comes to ensuring the protection of your home and loved ones as well as your belongings. Not only do they manufacture and sell directly but each product line passes the high-quality standards before they are available at their showroom. 

As you can clearly see, even the smallest of storms (i.e. tropical depressions) shouldn’t be ignored. Even wind speeds less than 39 mph can rip tiles off your roof and crack the flashing underneath them. With this in mind, think about the damage that hurricane-force winds can cause. For more information about protecting your home with impact doors and windows contact V&V Windows and schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate today.

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