What To Know About Home Preparation Before a Hurricane Hits?

With the 2021 hurricane season already here, our staff wants to emphasize the importance of storm preparedness by urging homeowners to install impact windows and doors if they live in an area where these aren’t already required.  As history has previously shown us, the torrential rains and gale force winds of a hurricane can have devastating effects that last for years.  Colorado State University research center has predicted that we could see 17 or 18 named storms this year, 8 of which will most likely form into hurricanes.

Active Hardening or Passive Protection?

When you’re planning to protect your family and home, there are two protective materials that you can use – “active hardening” and “passive protection”:

  • Active hardening – a storm is imminent and immediate action is required.  This form of protection involves protecting your home by hanging plywood sheets or shutters over your windows.  It also refers to using sandbags to shore up your home.
  • Passive protection – immediate action is not required prior to the arrival of a storm.  A good example of passive protection is having impact-resistant windows installed prior to the start of hurricane season.

Passive protection is an essential strategy if you live in hurricane prone areas.  Plus, if you plan ahead, it will relieve some of your stress. Choose the best as per your budget and requirement as there is a wide range of impact windows and doors to protect your home. 

Strengthen Your Home’s Weakest Areas

The first step of home preparedness should always be to identify and strengthen the weakest areas of your home.  This process is referred to as “home hardening” and it involves ensuring that your exterior doors, garage door, roof, and windows are capable of withstanding a strong hurricane.  Three common steps include:

  • Clearing the exterior of furniture, planters, toys, and trash receptacles
  • Parking your vehicles in your garage (if your home has one)
  • Inspecting your doors and windows for cracks

The 3rd point is especially important as your doors and windows can be easily breached if they aren’t equipped with impact-resistant glass.  If you find that they aren’t in the best condition, now would be the ideal time to upgrade to impact windows and doors.  Remember, the high winds of a hurricane or tropical storm can hit your home with incredible force and cause a considerable amount of damage, if you’re not prepared for this type of event.

For more information about home preparedness with impact windows and doors, call V&V Windows today at 305.888.4151. Our business representatives are available to discuss your requirements further.

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