Preparing for a Hurricane and How Impact Windows & Doors Can Keep You Safe

While the onset of Summer gives us much to be excited about, many Floridians are very much aware of the fact that hurricane season has already begun and lasts until the end of November.  So, in addition to all of those Summer vacation plans, making sure that your home is protected with impact windows and doors is highly recommended.  Keep in mind that there is more than just broken glass to be concerned about.  If windows get broken during a hurricane, those intense winds will enter your home causing enough pressure to compromise the entire structure. That is one of the reasons that roofs fly off during strong hurricanes. 

Why Impact Windows and Doors?

As the name implies, impact windows and doors are designed to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris.  Putting up plywood or shutters requires planning ahead, time and money.  On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about not having the time to install these when you already have impact-resistant doors and windows in place.  Hurricanes cause a tremendous amount of pressure to build up and if that wind enters your home, it pushes up in an attempt to escape, hence the roof collapses or gets pulled off.  In most cases, this results in very costly roof damage repair.

Advantages of Installing Impact Windows and Doors

In addition to hurricane force winds, impact windows and doors are also designed to withstand corrosion and pressure.  They don’t require any additional adjustments or coverings when a storm is imminent.  Here are some other advantages to be aware of:

  • Doors and windows fitted with impact-resistant glass can improve the appearance and resale value of your home and increase your return on investment.
  • Impact-resistant products can reduce noise pollution up to 70% more than standard windows while at the same time improving home security.
  • It’s easier to keep informed and watch what is going on outdoors when you have the unobstructed views that impact windows and doors provide.
  • UV coatings can be added to improve energy efficiency and protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Do you have a hurricane preparedness plan in place?

If there’s one thing that Floridians know better than anything else about the Sunshine State, is how quickly tropical depressions can evolve into hurricanes.  Instead of scrambling to prepare the last day or two prior to landfall, you need to have a hurricane preparedness plan in place.  And that plan should include having V&V Windows install impact windows and doors this hurricane season.

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