The Effects of Impact Windows on Ventilation

Whenever you have impact windows installed for the first time in your Florida home, you might notice moisture condensation every now and then. This is commonly referred to as “sweating.” However, this is normal and doesn’t indicate that there is a problem with the quality of the product. However, many homeowners will ask specialists if this will adversely affect the ventilation in their home.

If you notice this sweating on the glass of the impact windows that have been recently installed, there’s no need to panic until you’ve performed a simple check to ensure that they’ve been installed properly. Look at the exterior window panes and check for the presence of water droplets. If none are visible, you can rest assured that your impact windows were installed properly.

What Causes Sweating on Windows?

When you don’t have hurricane-resistant windows in your home, improper ventilation is the most likely cause of moisture condensation or sweating on the glass panes. Impact windows DO NOT cause poor ventilation. However, they can play somewhat of a role in this. When you have impact doors and windows installed in your home, they not only create a protective barrier against storm damage, they also ensure that no air escapes your home as well.

Here’s what you need to remember. The door and window products manufactured by V&V Windows are constructed with high-quality, heavy duty aluminum frames and laminated, impact-resistant glass. The glass has been laminated with a silicone glazing that prevents the glass from breaking and shattering like traditional windows often do.  As a result, our impact windows are rated to withstand the force of any flying debris. So, if something like a big chunk of wood can’t penetrate the glass, neither can the air.

Solving Ventilation Problems

If you’ve recently had impact doors and windows installed and have noticed moisture condensation inside your home, you should check your ventilation and make sure that any excess can escape. Ducts above the dishwasher, dryer, and stove should be debris-free and have nothing obstructing air flow. Additionally, bathroom and kitchen extractor fans should be free of any dust build-up. This will allow for any moisture to escape rather than accumulate inside your home. This helps to keep the air clean and lowers any chance of mold or mildew in your home. 

Of course, you could always give your air conditioner a break and open up your impact windows in order to let those Florida breezes in and improve the ventilation in your home. For more information about impact doors and windows contact V&V Windows today.

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