Protecting Your Roof with Impact Doors and Windows

The roof on every home plays a significant role where aesthetic appeal and functionality are imperative. Since your home is probably the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, it makes sense that you would want to ensure that the structure and everything inside it is protected at all times. This is especially true if you live in South Florida and you’ve been thinking about installing impact doors and windows in your home. Your home will feel less breezy and your roof will enjoy the added protection.

Protecting Your Roof is Crucial

Although your neighbors see your roof as the crowning portion of your home that adds aesthetical appeal to the structure and the community where you reside. You, however, should be concerned about what can help prevent heat from entering your home and making you’re A/C unit work overtime in the warmer months in Florida. Plus, thinking about what protects you and your family from the elements outside that you don’t want coming in. V&V Windows’ products range from highest quality standards and meets for impact windows and doors, ensuring each product that you buy is safe for your home.

As we mentioned above, the atmospheric pressure that rises as a storm approaches can be a very destructive force that causes tens of thousands of dollars in damages to a single home. In fact, many homes have had their roofs blown out because of damaged or shattered windows. Hurricane-force winds can be detrimental to your home if it finds a way in. Once the storm is in your home the pressure pushes upwards towards the roof. While all along the exterior of your home is getting pelted with flying debris, rain, and strong winds. Once the force of the wind lifts the roof off your home, everything in your home is exposed. That’s why it is vital to consider installing impact windows and doors.

Why Impact Doors and Windows?

As mentioned above the damage that a hurricane can leave if your roof gets blown away is exponential. V&V Windows’ impact doors and windows are beneficial for the safety of your home and also provides energy efficiency and home security. V&V Windows is known for high-quality product line, and can also benefit the roof on your home during a hurricane or strong tropical storm. Additionally, they are designed to be impact-resistant and not shatter upon initial impact. While it doesn’t take much to break doors and windows made with standard glass, the opposite is true with impact doors and windows. Since they keep the wind from entering your home during a hurricane, your roof will remain intact even though it will probably lose some shingles or tiles.

If you’ve recently relocated to South Florida and are unfamiliar with hurricanes and tropical storms, you owe it to yourself to consider getting impact doors and windows on your home. For more information, call today.