How do Impact Windows and Doors Keep Your Family Safe?

The heavy rains and strong winds of a hurricane or tropical storm can leave a damage trail costing in the thousands of dollars. Many residents of south Florida are familiar with the benefits of V&V Windows and are high-quality products. So how do these products work? There’s no actual technology involved, just good old-fashioned physics. The following will give you a better idea of how impact windows and doors work.

How Impact Windows Protect Your Home

As a storm approaches, the barometric pressure in the atmosphere rises. So, when you shut your windows and close your doors, it prevents this pressure from rising inside one’s home. Whether or not you have impact doors and windows installed in your home, the pressure outside of your home’s structure will be higher. It follows then that the greater the intensity of the storm, the higher the pressure will rise outside.

It only takes a single broken window to learn how much damage a storm can do when you don’t have impact windows. Whenever any debris strikes your windows, you could be cleaning up lots of broken glass. Under these circumstances, standard glass tends to shatter when a rush of high-pressure air enters the home and poses a dangerous and destructive threat to your family and your assets. That is why it is important to get quality products from a renowned brand and safeguard your home from such potential dangers. 

Impact Doors and Windows Don’t Shatter

Unlike the glass on standard windows, the impact-resistant glass of hurricane windows is considerably stronger and won’t shatter if debris gets slammed into it. However, it’s not so much about the quality of the glass as it is the way in which it is fabricated. This is where the designing of the window plays a significant role. V&V Windows’ impact doors and windows are made with two layers of glass and a layer of resin in between them. Furthermore, the unit is protected by a sturdy aluminum frame.

Although it’s impossible to tell how sturdy impact windows are at first glance, there is much more to these products than meets the eye. By using laminated glass, we have made the glass relatively unbreakable. Even if the window is struck with enough force to break it, the glass won’t shatter easily. During hurricanes and severe tropical storms, our impact doors and windows can withstand a barrage of debris. However, weaker frames cannot hold up the way our strong aluminum frames do.

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