Choosing Impact Window Styles for Your Home

When you decide it’s time to replace old, faulty windows on your south Florida home, you want to deal with professionals who have years of experience and expertise with impact doors and windows. Granted, this is a sizeable investment, but the cost to replace your home if it gets destroyed in a hurricane is significantly greater. These products help to protect your home from hurricane and tropical storm damage.  In addition, impact doors and windows also make a home more energy-efficient, provide and added layer of security, and add value to your home.

Rooms and Styles

The nice thing about choosing impact doors and windows from V&V Windows is that you don’t have to go with one particular style throughout the home. We suggest taking this project one room at a time. You might discover that you prefer casement style impact windows for the main floor and a double hung style for your upstairs rooms. Or perhaps you’d like a bay or bow style window in one area and a picture window in an opposing area. The bottom line is that you’re not confined to a single style so mix and match to your heart’s content. You can try changing the décor or go with the flow and add products from the different range of impact windows and doors. 

The Importance of Color Options

There was a time when impact doors and windows only came in one color, namely white. However, times have changed and that is no longer an issue. Besides that, most homeowners enjoy holding up colors next to their walls when painting the exterior or interior. So why should this be any different when choosing impact doors and windows.  Although white is still the #1 color option, black is becoming increasingly popular because of its contrasting characteristics. You have the option to enhance the décor accordingly. 

Make the Look Unique by Customizing

You want to accomplish two goals when selecting your impact windows. First, you want them to be aesthetically appealing and second, you don’t want your home to look like every other one on the block. One way to achieve this is by installing windows that have different shapes. For instance, install a circular or oval window in the hallway or up over an entry way. You can also add a bit of character by putting grids on the impact glass window.

Here at V&V Windows we have numerous color and style options when it comes to impact glass doors and windows. Why not visit our showroom located in Hialeah to see what we offer? To learn more about our product line or to schedule a FREE estimate, call V&V Windows today.