5 Key Features of High-Quality Impact Windows and Doors

When you live in Florida, impact windows and doors are an absolute necessity. They protect you and your family as well as your home and its contents. When you consider the number of companies that sell and install these products, you have to know what to look for before making your decision. And it is important to know that V&V Windows offers the highest quality products. As Florida’s premier manufacturer and distributor of these products, here are 5 features of our high-quality, hurricane-resistant products.

Compliance and testing – our impact windows and doors endure rigorous durability testing in order to ensure that they will hold up during a devastating hurricane. This includes projectile resistance checks, slam testing, and more. In addition to this, V&V Windows guarantees that all products comply with Miami-Dade County building codes.

Customizable features – it’s only natural to want your impact windows and doors to compliment the architectural style of your home and the appearance of your property.  So, when you’re shopping for these products, you should consider the many customizable design features that we offer such as color, decorative glass, hinges, and jambs. This enables you to have the protection you need without sacrificing any of your home’s curb appeal in the process.

Energy efficiency – in addition to their protective qualities, impact windows and doors are very efficient when it comes to reducing energy consumption. Consequently, our products provide a barrier against wasting energy by keeping unwanted cold and heat out of your home at all times of the year.

Framing materials and quality – as an industry leading manufacturer of hurricane resistant windows and doors, V&V Windows offers a broad range of products made from the finest materials available on the market today. High-quality impact resistant glass and durable aluminum framing are key components of our hurricane window and door products. In addition to their superior quality, our products provide increased longevity, security, and stability.

Security benefits – another key, yet oftentimes overlooked feature is the security benefits that our impact windows and doors provide. Not only do they protect you from the weather and help reduce your energy bills, they protect you against break-ins and forced entries. Unlike standard glass doors and windows, our products are shatter-resistant. This makes it extremely difficult for burglars and home invaders to enter your home without detection.

With a multitude of advantages of installing impact windows and doors, it is important that you consider our varied range of products and then invest. To learn more about our impact windows and doors, as well as the many benefits they provide, contact V&V Windows today.