Choosing the Right Impact Windows for Your Florida Home

If you’ve finally decided to upgrade and renovate your Florida home by installing impact windows, V&V Windows wants to ensure that you choose the right products. The process of selecting and purchasing the highest quality hurricane-resistant windows isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It requires some research and a bit of due diligence on your behalf if you want to ensure that you are choosing only those products that are the right fit for your home. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you with that goal.

Research factors such as durability, energy efficiency, quality, and type – buying and installing impact windows can be somewhat costly, so it’s extremely important that you make a well-informed decision. Regardless of the cost and installation fee involved, you want to consider critical factors such as durability, energy efficiency, quality, and type. This ensures that your windows will outlast any foreign-made alternatives.

Make sure the products you purchase meet all city and county building codes – the last thing you want is the hassle involved in not passing a city code inspection once you’ve had your impact windows installed. The installation specialists at V&V Windows know the city and county codes that apply to your home and will ensure that you will pass the code inspection process.

Knowing the shape and size of your windows is crucial – this is especially true if you require customizable size options and want your windows to fit properly when they are being installed. We will ensure that all measurements are accurate so that the window fits snugly in place and can be opened with little if any difficulty. Not only will this provide an impressive look for your home, it will reduce air and water leakage.

Be sure to consider other important factors – there are two additional factors that are equally as important as those above, namely the “R-Value” and “U-Factor.” R-Value refers to the resistance to heat flow while the U-Factor refers to heat loss. The smaller the U-Factor, the lower the heat flow rate will be. The higher the R-Value, the better it will insulate.

Cost and product warranty – impact windows require a considerable investment, so don’t be afraid to ask about product warranty. V&V Windows specialists have been trained to explain our product warranty terms thoroughly so that you understand them fully.

For additional information regarding our impact windows product line, contact V&V Windows and speak with a company representative today. You can visit our showroom to check the assorted products available and purchase as per your décor and requirement. At V&V Windows, we adhere to all safety and quality standards.