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Looking for a Quieter Home? We’ve got You covered.

Looking for a Quieter Home? We’ve got You covered.

Along with the many benefits that hurricane impact windows installed by V&V Windows provide, these products are the ideal choice for individuals who want to reduce the amount of exterior noise that enters their home.  If you’ve grown tired of loud outdoor noise, especially when you want to sleep in on your day or days off, our impact windows are the ideal choice for reducing them.  Whether you have windows that have gotten weaker over the years or small cracks throughout your home, noise is going to find a way to get in. It can be annoying especially if you have kids at home. 

How do Impact-resistant Windows reduce the amount of noise entering your home?

While the primary purpose of hurricane impact windows is to protect you and your family as well as your home and its contents from the excessively strong winds of a storm, one of the other benefits is their noise-reducing capabilities.  By installing any of the fine products from V&V Windows, you’ll enjoy bringing some much-needed rest and relaxation a.k.a. quiet time in your home.  So why do impact windows offer more protection and help to reduce the amount of outdoor noise that enters your home? Here are two key factors:

  • Laminated glass – our window products are made with a polyvinyl material sandwiched between two panes of laminated glass.  These panels are stuck together and keep outdoor noises from penetrating the glass.  The combination of the air space in between the laminated glass panes and their thickness prevents any vibrations from coming through and entering your home.
  • Sealed corners of the frame – the entire perimeter of the impact-resistant windows installed by V&V Windows are sealed to ensure greater protection of your home and the people inside.  As a result, little if any noise can penetrate your windows.  Rest assured, you’ll always be protected from any type of unwanted outdoor pollution including debris, noise, and wind.

The two thick layers of glass and the polyvinyl material in between them make our hurricane impact windows reliable and sturdy.  This is also the case with the frame materials.  Because of the way we construct our products, the glass is much thicker than a regular glass windowpane and much more effective at withstanding flying debris and hurricane-force winds.  With our products, you’ll get relief from construction sites, loud neighbors, planes, street traffic, and trains. 

Now that you understand how our impact windows can reduce unwanted outdoor noises, why not give us a call at (305) 888-4151 to find out how much it will cost you to upgrade the doors and windows in your home. Our business representatives are available for your assistance. 

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