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Impact Windows and Doors for Commercial Buildings

Impact Windows and Doors for Commercial Buildings

If you’ve been shopping for impact windows and doors for your business, you’ll be happy to know that V&V Windows specializes in commercial as well as residential impact-resistant products.  Since establishing our business over 25 years ago, we’ve installed impact-resistant glass door and window products that have helped commercial clients protect their companies during hurricanes and tropical storms.  With our years of experience and expertise, we’ll help you select the products that are right for you.

Although you may have doors and windows made with impact-resistant glass, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  Here 4 reasons why you should consider doing so:

  • Impact windows and doors impress the insurance companies – installing doors and windows made with hurricane-resistant glass is the ideal way to improve the safety and security of your commercial business operations.  Shatter-resistant windows and doors reduce clean-up costs once a storm has passed and, more importantly, they protect your employees and guests.
  • Impact-resistant glass window and door manufacturers are constantly making improvements to their products – since establishing our business over 25 years ago, we’ve been making improvements to our product lines to provide better protection solutions for our commercial and residential clients.
  • You could make your property more secure with impact windows and doors – if commercial grade impact-resistant glass can protect your business, employees, and customers from a hurricane, it can improve the security of your business as well.  No burglars or vandals will be able to shatter your office or showroom windows to steal your equipment or products.  They can attempt to do so, but even if the glass breaks, it will still be difficult for criminals to break through the glass completely.
  • You might need to upgrade to a more energy-efficient option – larger commercial windows let in more natural light.  But have you ever thought about how much that may be increasing your utility costs? By letting in more light, you’re letting in lots of Florida heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays.  This can increase cooling costs and damage your furnishings over time.

With a plethora of benefits, using impact glass makes for the right investment in your commercial property. From sound proofing advantages to preventing burglary, it works. Furthermore, our impact windows and doors can meet the challenges of the commercial market and benefit the following industry sectors:


  • churches
  • education
  • government and military
  • healthcare
  • multi-family complexes
  • office buildings
  • retail storefronts


From energy efficiency and sustainability to blast and hurricane protection our impact windows and doors optimize your property’s curb appeal and function.  For additional information, call V&V Windows today at (305) 888-4151.

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