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5 Misconceptions About Impact Windows and Doors

5 Misconceptions About Impact Windows and Doors

Florida homeowners know the importance of impact windows and doors when it comes to protecting their homes during hurricane season.  Although sheets of plywood and shutters are better than not having any protection at all, investing in impact windows and doors is advisable.  But, many homeowners still harbor misconceptions about impact windows and doors.  Read on as we dispel the misconceptions and debunk them.

  • Impact windows and doors are all alikeFALSE.  Many individuals assume that by purchasing high-quality windows and doors with a Design Pressure Rating of DP50 they’re buying impact windows and doors.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true.  Yes, DP50 rated window and door glass is designed to withstand strong storm winds.  However, they aren’t designed to hold up against flying debris unless they are impact rated.
  • Impact windows and doors are bulky and unattractiveFALSE.  A lot of Florida homeowners are reluctant about purchasing impact windows and doors because they feel they’re bulky and unattractive.  The reality is that these products are strong enough to withstand hurricane winds, projectile damage, and torrential downpours yet at the same time are aesthetically appealing and can help with the resale value of your home.
  • Impact windows and doors are only effective against stormsFALSE.  While they are designed primarily to protect your home, there are other benefits such as energy efficiency, increased security, noise reduction, and UV protection.
  • Impact windows and doors are too costly to invest inFALSE.  In many cases, they’re more cost-effective than other hurricane protection products.  For example, non-impact-resistant windows with electronic shutters can cost up to twice as much as impact windows.  You also have the added benefits of energy efficiency, increased security, noise reduction, and UV protection. Plus, most companies like V&V Windows offer financing programs.  
  • Impact windows and doors don’t guarantee protectionFALSE.  Impact windows and doors don’t prevent hurricanes and tropical storms, but they do protect your home from these events.  They’ve been tested to withstand projectile impacts and strong winds, thereby making them a much better option than a variety of other hurricane protection products.

Plywood material and shutters take time to install and if you fail to hang them well enough in advance, it could spell disaster.  Furthermore, they can easily be destroyed during a hurricane or tropical storm.  When compared to DP50 glass, impact windows and doors will hold up infinitely better during a severe storm.  

If you are looking for more information, contact V&V Windows today at (305) 888-4151. 

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