Choosing The Right Size for Impact Windows

Hurricanes are part and parcel of life in Florida. However, one of the most important aspects of being a Florida homeowner is understanding how to prepare your home for hurricane season.  Part of your preparation should include the installation of impact windows as that is your best option in protecting your family and possessions.  Just keep in mind the glass used in impact windows is not the same as a standard window.  So, to ensure that you’re investing in the right types of impact windows, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Glass – there are two types of glass to choose from for impact windows.  The first is laminated and is manufactured by bonding two sheets of glass together with a plastic film.  The second is laminated as well, but it is also insulated.  The manufacture of this type of impact window requires two panes of glass with a sealed air space in between them.  These windows are commonly found in colder climates because of their insulating qualities.
  • Materials – Although there are many materials that can suit your impact window requirements, you have three material options where the frames on your impact windows are concerned:
  1. Aluminum: is durable and weather-resistant yet attractive and low maintenance.
  2. Vinyl: is a great insulator, low maintenance, and relatively inexpensive.
  3. Wood: is another good insulator but is prone to rotting and warping over time.
  • Measuring – purchasing impact windows in the exact size for your home is priority #1.  So, you’ll need to take exact measurements.  Measure the width across from drywall to drywall.  Next, you need to measure the bottom, center, and top of the window.  Then measure the height from drywall to drywall.  Measurements need to be taken from the left, center, and right side.  Keep in mind that the manufacturer typically looks at the width first and then the height.
  • Pricing – the cost of your impact windows will be based on the type of frame and glass chosen.  It also depends on the number of impact windows needed and the specific size of each one.  It’s always recommended that you work with a reputable impact window manufacturer like V&V Windows for more detailed information and a personalized estimate of your total cost.

Knowing the exact shape and size of each door and window where it will be installed is crucial.  Custom sizes are available and will properly patch up the areas where they’ll be installed.  Additionally, they’ll provide an aesthetically pleasing and impressive look to your home. 

To ensure that you don’t have to worry about the next hurricane season, call V&V Windows today at (305) 888-4151. Our experts are here to help you get a better idea about the impact windows that suit your home or commercial building. 

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