Contrasting The Color Of Your Impact Windows & Doors With Your Home

When you have impact windows and doors installed in your Florida home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in that added layer of protection when the next hurricane season arrives.  There are other decisions involved with the choice of impact windows and doors including finding a color that coordinates well with your home.  While there may not be anything wrong with color, changing it can refresh the aesthetics of your home and increase its curb appeal as well.  Here are a few reasons for this:

  • You want a more classic look – believe us, there is an abundance of classic looks available on the market, none of which will go out of style such as black and white.  It stands to reason that contrasting the color of your home with your impact windows and doors is classic and trendy and will remain as such well into the future.
  • You want a more modern appearance – if you’re into more modern aesthetics, then going the contrast route can be impactful.  If you look at interior room designs, furnishings are sparse and stark blacks and whites are common.  If you’re leaning towards a more modern looking appearance, contrast the color of your windows and doors with your home.  For example, if your home is white or off-white, getting a dark color of impact windows and doors could really make a bold and subtle statement.
  • You want your windows to look fresh and new – it really doesn’t matter whether you keep the same color or match your impact windows and doors to your home.  What does matter is that they look new and are safe.  However, if you really want those windows and doors to stand out, contrasting their color with the color of the paint on your home can dramatically improve the appearance of your property.  They’ll stand out once they’re installed and for years down the road.
  • Your home is painted a lighter color – you might be thinking going for a classic color such as white might be boring.  Although it is the one of the most popular colors, when mixing that with a darker paint color for your home you can create a beautiful outcome. A home painted in a darker color like the picture shown here, dark grey looks modern with a touch of the white impact windows and doors.  After all, you can always paint your home another color down the road and still be able to match the white impact windows and doors. 

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