Hurricane Shutters vs. Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Experts know that the weakest point of any home is its windows, especially if you reside in coastal Florida and areas that are impacted the hardest by hurricane rains and high winds. Your doors and windows must be strong enough to withstand these climatic factors as well as any debris that becomes airborne as a result of those factors. A door or window that gets broken by flying debris and high winds could result in costly if not irreparable damage and a total loss.

During hurricane season, the most common choices for protecting your home and its contents are hurricane shutters and hurricane impact windows and doors. If you are unsure of the difference, you can always ask us, the professionals to compare the two. The following is a breakdown of the two options and how they compare to one another.

Hurricane shutters – in Southern Florida, these are staple items that homeowners keep on hand throughout the year and are usually constructed from aluminum or steel.  Although accordion style shutters are the most popular, there are different types on the market to choose from. Unlike hurricane impact windows and doors that are impact-resistant and protect the contents of your home, hurricane shutters act as window shields by covering them.

However, if the shutter is hit hard enough by flying debris or other type of projectile, the pressure of the impact could shatter the window and it’s protecting. Although these aren’t a bad choice for protecting your home during a tropical storm, they are extremely labor-intensive. Every time there is the potential threat of storm, you have to hang them and then take them down once the threat has passed. Let alone shutters are accident prone when putting them up and taking them down. As the sharp aluminum and steel can easily cut your hand.

Hurricane impact windows and doors – unlike hurricane shutters, there are a number of benefits that hurricane impact windows and doors provide. For instance, they protect you against certain dangers or problems such as burglars and vandals or noise pollution. However, the biggest benefit is that once you have professionals install your hurricane impact windows and doors, you won’t ever have to worry about hanging hurricane shutters again.

Make the Right Choice

Hurricane shutters are a common sight in South Florida. But the reality is that they’re an eyesore. Let’s face it. Having rails along the bottom and top of every window and door in your home is not aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, the amount of protection that they really offer is minimal at best.

As manufacturers of quality hurricane impact doors and windows, we ensure that you get the best products from us. That is why our customers get the right prices with no extra charges. For more information about hurricane impact doors and windows, or to learn more about how they compare with hurricane shutters, call V&V Windows today or visit our showroom to see the products for yourself.