4 Reasons Why You Need Hurricane Impact Windows When Living in Florida

Most residents of Florida would agree that they are enjoying an exceptional lifestyle here in the Sunshine State. Many people have relocated here to raise a family while others have decided to enjoy the golden years of their retirement. Unfortunately, it’s also an area of the U.S. that is prone to devastating hurricanes, destructive tropical storms, heavy rainfall, and high winds.

As one of the industry leaders in hurricane impact doors and windows in South Florida, V&V Windows offers home protection solutions for families in the greater Miami area.  Here are 4 important reasons that you should consider having hurricane impact doors and windows installed in your home.

The safety and security of your family and your home

Your family, home, and everything in it will be highly protected if a hurricane threatens. Hurricane impact doors and windows will also protect your family and their belongings from burglars and vandals. If you truly want what’s best for them, you should consider replacing the windows in your home and upgrading them to hurricane impact doors and windows.

You need to replace your worn-out windows

If the windows of your home are the original ones that came with your house or if they’re old and worn out, it’s an ideal time to have us replace them with high-quality impact windows. We offer a range of options including casement, sliding, and single-hung windows as well as customizable options. We also offer French and sliding impact doors.

You want a more energy-efficient home 

In today’s world, energy conservation is a critical issue. Old windows tend to let cool air out in summer and warm air out in winter, thereby causing you to use more energy to cool down or warm up your home. While you and your family are trying to establish a tolerable level of comfort within your living environment, your energy bills keep increasing month to month.

You’re tired of having to hang hurricane shutters

While shutters do offer a certain amount of protection, they are not 100% effective.  Furthermore, they are very labor-intensive when you consider the amount of work that is required to hang them up when a hurricane warning is issued. Plus, you have to take them down once the storm passes and put them back into storage. 

For additional information regarding hurricane impact-resistant doors and windows or to schedule an appointment for an estimate contact V&V Windows today. As one of the leading manufacturers of impact windows and doors in South Florida, you can visit our showroom and get the best rates, as we manufacture and sell directly.