How Is the Strength of Impact Windows Gauged?

Impact windows are also referred to as hurricane-resistant or impact-resistant windows and for good reason.  V&V Windows’ products are capable of withstanding the force of Category 5 hurricane winds (156 mph or more).  Wind gusts of this magnitude can be extremely damaging to standard windows and other structural components of your home.  Consequently, impact-resistant windows are your best defense against this type of damage because of their construction design.

How are Hurricane-Resistant Windows made?

Our window products are made using two panes of tempered glass and a layer of laminated glass sandwiched between them.  The windows are then placed in a heavy-duty aluminum frame for added strength.  Silicone glazing process is applied to further strengthen your impact windows.  V&V Windows designs their products to take a tremendous beating during hurricanes and tropical storms.  Thanks to their construction, homeowners don’t need to worry about flying debris slamming into their windows and shattering glass everywhere.

The Added Benefit of Security

Miami-Dade County Testing Application Standard (TAS) 201 outlines how strong these windows need to be.  Impact-resistant windows must undergo a punishing test wherein a 9-pound piece of lumber is shot out of cannon and hits the glass at 30 mph.  Another benefit of these products is that they protect you against burglaries and home invasions as well.  However, the true benefit of hurricane-resistant windows is that the inner layer prevents glass from shattering and flying into your home. That prevents a lot of injuries to people living there. That is one of the reasons you need to stay prepared for high velocity winds in Miami and South Florida.

Benefits of the Inner PVB Layer

The inner layer of the products offered by V&V Windows is made from polyvinyl butyral or PVB, a durable type of resin material.  If any of your impact windows get hit with flying debris, the inner layer buffers the impact so that the only thing that results is a spider web-like pattern and no shattering of glass inward.  While the window continues to offer protection from subsequent flying debris, this also means that you and your family will stay safe during a storm.

Insurance Company Discounts

Probably one of the most significant benefits that impact-resistant windows offer is the discounts provided by insurers for wind mitigation.  Insurance companies know your home is protected and much safer after installing V&V Windows’ products.  In many cases, they will offer up to 45% off on your homeowner’s insurance premium when you have these products installed in your home.  For additional information regarding our impact windows and other products, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today.