Can Impact-resistant Windows Soundproof Your Home?

Upgrading to impact glass windows and doors in your home can be a huge investment based on the brand and type that you’re installing.  However, if you want the greatest value for that investment, impact windows and doors from V&V Windows are the right choice for you.  Our team is committed to providing the highest quality products and a superior level of service when installing them in your home.  With over 25 years of industry experience and expertise, we can provide the best advice in order to help you make a well-informed decision about the impact glass doors to install in your home.

Benefits of Impact-resistant Glass

Impact-resistant windows and doors offer a number of important benefits in addition to protection from hurricanes and tropical storms.  They help deter intruders, keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your drapes and furniture, reduce your utility bills and more.  But one of the most helpful benefits these products provide is their noise cancelling capabilities.

Impact-resistant windows and doors are constructed in three layers.  Two exterior panes of tempered glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched in between them.  This is mounted and vacuum sealed in a heavy-duty aluminum frame for added durability and strength.  So, when an intruder attempts to break into your home, the glass of the impact door or window will spider web in between the two outer layers without shattering inwards.  If an intruder encounters an impact-resistant door, they’re likely to abandon their efforts rather than risk getting caught in the act. Thus, you have a chance to protect your home not just from hurricanes but break-ins too.

More About Reduced Noise Pollution

Nothing is worse than getting rudely awakened by barking dogs, lawnmowers, or a car playing their music way too loud when you were hoping to sleep in.  One of the more important benefits of impact doors and windows is their ability to cancel out exterior noise.  There is an ongoing demand for noise reducing solutions for the home as noise complaints are becoming increasingly more typical throughout the U.S.

As a homeowner, you deserve coming home to peace and quiet after a long day at work.  We have a wide range of available impact doors and windows to suit your home and budget. To learn more about our impact windows and doors contact V&V Windows today at 305.888.4151.