How Can Impact Doors Prevent Burglaries and Home Invasions?

Implementing solutions to protect your home and prevent criminal activity such as burglaries and home invasions is essential to every Florida homeowner’s peace of mind.  It’s no secret that criminals are always coming up with different ways to gain access to homes and steal valuables.  One way to deter criminals from making you a victim is to install impact glass doors by V&V Windows.  Our impact doors have been the preferred choice of Miami-Dade County residents now for over 25 years.

Impact-resistant glass provides considerably more protection than the glass used in their traditional counterparts.  Furthermore, we offer a variety of styles including our Series 300 French doors and our Series 3000 sliding doors.  By default, sliding impact glass doors are the ideal choice for home security and hurricane protection.  Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand the force of flying debris carried by hurricane and tropical storm-force winds.

Home Invasion Statistics

Home invasions have become an all-too-common occurrence in most major cities throughout the U.S.  According to the US DOJ, there are nearly 4 million burglaries every year in the U.S.  In addition, an FBI report stated that over 33% of all reported burglaries were attributed to unlawful entry and victims lost $4.6+ billion in property.  If you’re looking to make your Florida home more secure, you should consider replacing any of the entry doors with impact doors from V&V Windows. Not only do we offer high quality and impact resistant doors and windows that can withstand hurricanes, but strengthen the line of defense when the burglars try to break in. 

What deters Burglars and Home Invaders?

If you want to ensure that your personal belongings and valuables are safe, the first step is to keep your doors during the day when you aren’t home locked, especially at night when you are asleep.  Failing to keep your doors locked is just an open invitation for criminals.  Another means for deterring these criminals is an alarm system.  Although these steps are essential to securing your home, criminals often break the glass on sliding doors to gain access to your home.  You can easily avoid this type of scenario by installing impact-resistant doors from V&V Windows.

Additional Benefits

There are several other benefits of having impact-resistant doors and windows installed in your home.  In addition to providing additional security and storm protection, our products help to lower your monthly utility bills, prevent UV rays from entering your home, plus reduce noise pollution. Our impact windows and doors are multi-useful and make for the apt investment for your home. To learn more about our extensive product line, call V&V Windows at 305.888.4151 today.