A Brief Guide to Hurricane-Resistant Glass Ratings

Once hurricane force winds or tropical storm winds get into your home, the roof and structure probably won’t survive the event.  Even worse is the fact that storms of this magnitude can quickly become life-threatening in these situations.  This is attributed to the pressure that builds up inside the home once those winds get in.  At that point, it will only take a few minutes for total devastation to result.  That’s why the specialists at V&V Windows are always encouraging homeowners to replace their traditional windows with those made with hurricane-resistant glass.

The Design Pressure Test

Our hurricane impact windows undergo rigorous design pressure testing in order to make sure that they will be efficient and hold up to the most severe storms.  The design pressure test is performed in 3 stages:

  • Air pressure – air filtration is usually the first test.  It simulates the pressure that is exerted on your windows.  However, this doesn’t affect the window’s pressure rating.
  • Structural testing – the frame and glass of hurricane-resistant windows from V&V Windows are also tested.  These are given a higher rating because of the frame’s hardware and the glass thickness.  Ratings are typically higher when high-end materials that are structurally sound are used in the manufacture of these types of windows.
  • Water penetration – pressure is used to test how much water the windows are capable of keeping out.  It is based on the type of window being tested and is based on the percentage of water pressure that the windows repel.

Additional Rating Requirements

Since South Florida is a higher impact area for hurricanes and tropical storms, there are additional requirements for the testing of windows made with hurricane-resistant glass at V&V Windows.  The test covers the aspects detailed above, but in addition to the design pressure test, there is a test that measures impact resistance.  During this phase of testing, a piece of 2×4 is fired at the window – twice – to ensure the integrity of the window or in other words, how it holds up to this punishment. This mirrors the velocity of strong winds that might barge against the glass during the hurricane season.  

It goes without saying that before anyone installs your hurricane impact windows that you find out exactly how they are tested and the ratings they have received as a result.  Remember, hurricane-resistant glass windows were not only designed to protect your home from storm damage, they were also designed to protect you and your loved ones from harm.  For more information regarding the testing of our products, we recommend you call V&V Windows and speak with a specialist today. Our business representatives are available to assist you with all your custom requirements.