Are Impact-Resistant Windows Break-Proof?

Hurricane-resistant windows or impact windows as they are commonly called are a popular cosmetic component of Florida homes but, more importantly, they are a required element in all new home construction in most areas of the state.  They were designed and developed to withstand hurricane-force winds as well as the direct impact of flying debris such as patio furniture, tree branches, and so on.  But just how strong are they? Many individuals feel that they are break-proof and form a strong barrier. Often, these windows are quite sound proof and intruder proof too, helping you stay safe all year round not just during hurricanes. 

Still, the question arises.  Are impact-resistant windows break-proof? To put it simply NO, they aren’t break-proof.  They are impact-resistant, but not impact-proof.  Impact-resistant glass was designed to resist the heaviest of blows such as the force of hurricane winds and flying debris.  This is why automobile manufacturers began making vehicle windshields out of these same materials.  But, just like the windshield on your vehicle, impact windows will break if exposed to enough force.

How are Impact-Resistant Windows Constructed?

Impact-resistant windows are constructed in 3 layers.  The outer layers are thick glass panes while an inner layer of PVD or polyvinyl butyral is sandwiched in between them.  The three layers are fused together with heat or laminated.  The result is a durable, stronger piece of glass that can withstand hurricane wind speeds of 150 mph or direct hits from flying 2×4’s.

According to a post-hurricane assessment of the devastation caused by Katrina, there was roughly $81 billion in damages, most of which resulted when a structure’s windows and doors were breached.  These findings ultimately led to the development of impact-resistant glass and the building code requirements for installing these fixtures in all new homes and office construction from that point on.

Can Broken Impact Windows be Repaired?

Fortunately, yes, they can.  If your hurricane-resistant windows get damaged by flying debris, storm winds, or would-be intruders, they can be repaired.  A company like ourselves can assess the damage and scope of the problem, remove the glazing or laminate carefully, and replace the broken piece with a new piece of impact-resistant glass in the same size and thickness. We understand how important this is for the safety of your home. 

We offer an extensive line of impact-resistant windows and doors of unmatched quality and manufactured to the highest standards of our industry.  Additionally, our products are energy-efficient, providing an additional layer of security, protecting you from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and reducing noise pollution by up to 40%.  To learn more, call V&V Windows today at 305.888.4151.

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