How Do Impact Windows Reduce Noise Pollution?

When individuals talk about impact windows, most know that the primary reason for installing them is to protect their homes from the high winds of a hurricane and flying debris.  Interestingly enough, they’ve shown that they have other important benefits as well.  For instance, many homeowners that have purchased their impact windows from V&V Windows appreciate how their energy-efficient qualities have saved them money on their monthly utility bills.

So if hurricane winds can’t breach these products, the average coastal winds won’t bother the frame and glass components of them either.  Furthermore, there’s a couple of other benefits worth mentioning such as the added layer of security they provide and how they can protect you and your belongings from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Then there’s the overlooked benefit of noise reduction.  Yes, they are well-known for preventing outside noise from entering your home.

How do Impact Windows reduce the Amount of Noise You hear Indoors?

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax after a long day at work or trying to sleep in on a weekend morning only to have outdoor noise ruin it for you.  Whether you have noisy neighbors, new home construction nearby, or you live close to a busy street, you shouldn’t have to live with noise pollution.  Consequently, when you install impact windows from V&V Windows, you won’t have to.  This is why people who live in rural areas that hurricanes rarely touch install them in their homes.

The laminated, multi-layered glass components of impact windows are sturdy and thick.  Additionally, the heavy-duty frame materials are sealed around the window’s entire perimeter to ensure that outdoor noise cannot penetrate them.  As a result, our products can reduce outdoor noise by up to 40% or more.  With their multi-layer construction, they also reduce the risk of shattering during a hurricane or tropical storm.

The internal shatterproof membrane that is sandwiched in between the two layers of laminated glass prevents the glass from flying out of the frame, even if they are broken or shattered by hurricane-force winds and flying debris.  Granted, ordinary windows can decrease the outdoor noises that you hear.  However, impact windows installed by V&V Windows will restore the peace and quiet you need inside your home.  If you need to replace your older windows, consider upgrading to one of our high-quality products.

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