Everything You Need to Know About Hurricanes

If you live in any of Florida’s coastal areas, you’re probably familiar with hurricanes and the damage they can do.  However, if you’re new to these areas, you’ve no doubt been hearing a lot about hurricanes and tropical storms since the start of the storm season on June 1st.  As industry leaders and suppliers of hurricane-resistant glass windows and doors, V&V Windows wants you to be well-educated on the subject.  The following Q’s and A’s will help you better understand these destructive forces of nature.

What exactly is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a huge storm characterized by extremely high-velocity winds that can reach speeds of up to 200 mph and cause millions and sometimes billions of dollars in damage.  They start over warm ocean waters by rotating around an “eye” or the center of the storm which ironically is the calmest component.  As they rotate, they gain energy and heat from the warm water below and begin spiraling at high speeds.  The storm continues to grow as it travels across the water until it finally hits land. And based on the density of the clouds and the speed, the hurricane is judged on the intensity. 

Where did the name “Hurricane” come from?

The hurricane got its name when 16th century Spanish explorers settled the Caribbean islands and encountered the indigenous people.  The Spanish word huracán was taken from Juracán, the name of the Caribbean storm God and eventually became the English version hurricane

How do Hurricanes get their Names?

There are several warning centers scattered worldwide that assign the different names to hurricanes for the Meteorological Organization.  Names are typically taken from one of six different lists of usable names.  When a hurricane is as destructive as Katrina was in 2005, the name will never be used for another storm in the future.  Hurricanes are named in alphabetical order (Andrew, Bob, Charley, etc.) except for the letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z.

How is the Force of a Hurricane measured?

Once a tropical storm gains a wind speed of 75 mph or more, it is then classified as a hurricane.  Hurricanes are classified into 5 categories based on:


  • How big are the waves (storm surge)
  • How fast the storm is rotating
  • How much damage does it cause


A Category 1 does the least amount of damage while a Category 5 causes the most damage.  A Category 5 is so severe that lives are often lost during the storm. To protect your family and the contents of your home, make sure that you’ve installed impact windows and doors from V&V Windows.  Call us today at (305) 888-4151.

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