Why Should Impact Windows & Doors be Your First Home Remodeling Project?

If you own an older Florida home, you may have a long list of remodeling projects to tackle.  Naturally, your first concern is transforming your home into a structure that highlights your lifestyle and personality.  However, when you live in Florida, upgrading your windows and doors to impact-resistant glass products should be your #1 priority.  These exterior features are what will protect you, your family, and your belongings from hurricanes and tropical storms.

What Makes these Products different?

Hurricane impact windows and doors are made with impact-resistant glass that protect against the high winds generated by a hurricane or tropical storm as well as flying debris.  With two layers of tempered glass surrounding an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and framed with heavy duty aluminum, impact windows and doors from V&V Windows offer an added layer of protection and security for you and your family.

The atmospheric pressure generated by a hurricane as well as an intruder’s attempt at breaking the glass can cause it to spider web on impact.  But, unlike standard windows, these products will not shatter inward.  Another key concern is the wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.  If this debris were to shatter the windows in your home, the damage could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Impact windows can help you stay safe even in the most inclement weather.

Benefits of Remodeling First with Impact Windows & Doors

When you start off by switching to impact windows and doors here are some of the benefits you’ll be acquiring:

  • Increased curb appeal – these products enhance your home’s appearance while adding value to your property at the same time. This will help set the tone immensely when wanting to remodel your home.
  • Energy efficiency – some impact windows and doors can save you up to $100 per month on your utility bills.
  • Lower homeowner’s insurance premiums – most insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners that install impact windows and doors.
  • Protection from UV radiation – this not only protects you and your family; it also protects your drapes as well as upholstered and wooden furniture from fading.
  • Reduced noise pollution – impact windows and doors are the ideal solution for keeping outdoor noises from entering your home.

To learn more about our outstanding product line, contact V&V Windows by calling us at 305.888.4151 today. We can cater to your custom requirements and assist you in making a decision with the wide selection of our products.