How Do Impact Windows Work?

If you live in South Florida, you probably know that hurricane and tropical storm protection is essential.  Fortunately, our company offers a variety of ways to protect you and your family as well as your home during such severe weather events.  No, it’s not pieces of plywood or shutters secured over your windows we’re referring to.  Our windows are made with impact-resistant glass.  As technology develops more innovative advances, home protection continues to evolve.  However, it’s also important to hire a trusted professional like V&V Windows installing your impact windows and doors.

The Mechanics of Hurricane Impact Windows

Most veteran Floridians will agree that one of the best methods for protecting you, your family, and the contents of your home is installing impact windows with hurricane-resistant glass.  Hiring our team of specialists will ensure that you are provided with the perfect impact windows and doors for your home.  So how do these products actually work? The technology behind impact-resistant glass was originally experimented with in the early 1900’s in order to make auto windshields safer and shatter-resistant. However, they were improved and adapted for enhancing the safety of windows and doors

Today, there are two types of hurricane impact windows – one of which is made with shatter-resistant film while the other most popular option are the ones that are made with inner-membrane technology – just like the ones you’ll get from V&V Windows.  The first type made with shatter-resistant film has a layer of film on both sides of the pane, thereby holding onto the glass if it should break on impact.  The inner-membrane type is constructed with two panes of laminated glass sandwiched around a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral).  This keeps the glass from scattering and acts like an adhesive.

Additional Considerations

Hurricanes and tropical storms are a common occurrence on both sides of Florida (some hurricanes hit the Atlantic Coast while others make landfall from the Gulf of Mexico).  If a standard window breaks during a storm, there’s no barrier against the outdoor atmospheric pressure created by the hurricane.  Consequently, this pressure builds inside the home and creates an incredibly destructive force that can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages, and in some cases, level the entire home with winds of up to 200 mph.  Hence the need for installing impact windows and doors in your home.

Impact-resistant windows and doors are the ideal option for a newly constructed home, commercial building, office or a previously-owned property.  We’d be glad to assist you in getting the right products for your home or business. Our wide range of impact glass products meet all mandatory building codes and quality standards and are manufactured directly by us.  

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