Why Install Impact Windows And Doors?

At V&V Windows, we are often asked by new homeowners that have recently relocated to South Florida from another state about the need for installing impact windows and doors.  Most residents know these products protect their homes from hurricanes and tropical storms and offer a number of other benefits as well.  While you may be thinking this is an expense that you can wait on, you’d be wrong.

Windows manufactured with impact-resistant glass offer added protection from these inevitable storm events.  However, if you’re still not convinced about the need to have impact windows and doors, here are 8 reasons why you should reconsider having it done:

  • Protection against burglars and intruders – hurricane impact windows and doors are shatter-resistant.  While they will spider web with a strong enough impact, the inner PVB layer will hold the window together so no one can gain entry to your home before they get noticed.
  • Protection against UV radiation – the Low E coating on our impact glass products will also protect carpeting and drapes as well as upholstered and wooden furniture.
  • Protection from hurricanes and storms – rather than scrambling to look for storm protection solutions at the last minute, this is the primary reason for installing impact windows and doors. Peace of mind when hurricane season starts you’re already ready without a worry in mind. 
  • Extend your HVAC systems lifespan – our impact glass windows and doors have excellent insulation capabilities that will keep your A/C and heating systems from working too hard.
  • Increase the value of your home – as with other types of home upgrades, adding hurricane impact windows and doors will enable you to command a higher asking price on your home whenever you decide to sell it.
  • Outdoor noise reduction – one of the main benefits of impact windows and doors is their ability to reduce noise pollution and keep the inside of your home quieter.
  • Save money on monthly energy bills – depending on the models you install; you could earn a savings of up to $100 per month on your energy bills.
  • Save on your homeowner’s insurance premiums – insurance companies view hurricane impact windows and doors as a heightened safety and security measure.  It could earn you a healthy discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

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