Should I Get Impact Windows & Doors?

While many Florida homeowners are still on the fence and see impact windows and doors as an expense that they’re not prepared to pay for, while others view them as a very worthy investment in the protection of their family and home.  It’s no secret that the demand for impact doors and windows manufactured with hurricane-resistant glass continues to increase year after year.  If you’re a new homeowner in South Florida, you may be wondering if purchasing these products is a wise investment.  At V&V Windows, we can say they’re one of the best home upgrade investments you can make.

Should You consider Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors an Expense or an Investment?

Hurricane impact windows and doors should always be viewed as an investment and not just a remodeling or renovation expense.  There is one significant difference when it comes to investing in these products versus other home-related expenses.  Impact doors and windows manufactured with impact-resistant glass actually increase the value of your home.  Plus, they can earn you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.  Over time, you’ll be able to recover most of your investment. Our experts are available to assist you with the best for your residential or commercial requirements.

Another Key Factor – Energy Efficiency

Because impact-resistant glass is effective at blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays, impact windows and doors could save you up to $100 on your monthly utility bills by preventing cooling and heating loss.  With their multiple glass pane construction, V&V Windows’s products are much more efficient than standard windows with single-pane construction.  Additionally, Low-E coatings enable better UV radiation blocking abilities, thereby preventing the sun from heating up your home’s interior.  Keep in mind that your energy savings will vary based on the energy efficiency level of your home.

Why Not be Prepared Year-round?

Unfortunately, not every home is equally prepared in the event of an imminent storm.  Granted, protecting your windows by covering them with plywood or hurricane shutters is the most cost-effective way to do this.  However, immediate action is required in the last moments prior to a storm making landfall.  This could result in improper installation and lead to hazards that are costly and dangerous to you and your family.  On the other hand, being prepared year-round with impact windows and doors from V&V Windows means no scrambling at the last minute. With quick installation and maintenance, our experts are available for assistance.

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