What Makes Hurricane Windows Shatter-Resistant?

If there’s one thing Floridians are all too familiar with, it’s hurricanes, some of which have been very destructive. So it makes sense that Florida has seen the development of some very ingenious storm protection products including Hurricane impact windows and doors. These products have been designed to withstand the damage caused by flying debris carried by hurricane force winds. In other words, they were engineered to be shatter-resistant and protect your family and home’s interior from harm in the event of a hurricane or strong tropical storm.

How do Impact Windows Differ from Standard Windows?

The key difference between standard windows and impact resistant windows is that an impact will break and shatter standard glass, causing dangerous shards to go flying through the air. Conversely, hurricane windows may break and shatter, but the shards remain intact. For the sake of comparison, impact resistant windows are similar to the laminated glass of your vehicle’s windshield. Although windshield safety glass can still get broken, the glass pieces are held together.

How are Impact Windows made?

Hurricane-resistant or impact-resistant windows by V&V Windows are made by sandwiching a thin plastic membrane (made from PVB or polyvinyl butyral) in between two pieces of tempered glass. The membrane is manufactured in different thicknesses based on the strength and type of impact windows desired. While there are several varieties of impact doors and windows, the majority of them have a heavy-duty aluminum frame. This further strengthens the window and ensures that the shards will remain intact and not get blown inward. This is a major consideration when you are looking to stay home safe during hurricane season. All products are tested and pass through quality checks before they are put on display for customers to buy.

Hurricane Windows Prevent Damage to Your Home’s Interior

Meteorological and scientific studies have both shown that hurricane and storm damage to a home is greatly reduced if its outside shell remains intact. This means that the doors, roof and windows of the home remain unbroken and stay intact. When standard glass windows break during a hurricane or tropical storm, the glass shatters inward and allows high force winds into the structure. This creates an excess amount of pressure inside the home and can literally rip the roof off the structure.

By remaining intact and not shattering after a forceful impact during a storm, hurricane or impact windows ensure that your home’s outer shell remains intact. Therefore, this has become one of the primary methods for preventing costly storm damages. For more information regarding hurricane shatter-resistant windows, contact V&V Windows at your earliest convenience. We’d be glad to be of assistance to you.