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Prepare for Hurricane Season During the Holidays

While the holidays are the ideal time for loved ones and their friends to spend time with one another and enjoy the festivities, the best gifts are the ones that ensure the safety and protection of those individuals and the homes they live in.  And while hurricane season is technically over for the most part, now is the best time to consider installing impact windows and doors.  So, why not reserve a time with V&V Windows so you can be one of the first installations of 2022?

Installing hurricane windows and doors provides an added layer of protection for hurricanes and tropical storms as well as unwanted intruders, all of which gives you peace of mind.  This is the best time of the year to start researching the different styles and types of impact-resistant windows and doors that are currently available.  If you live in Florida, always being prepared for and protected against natural disasters ahead of time should be a priority.  Don’t until the last minute.

Installation lead times get longer when everyone is rushing to get this done the closer it gets to hurricane season.  That’s why the professionals at V&V Windows encourage you to start the process during holiday season since it will take time to make custom fitting impact windows and doors for your home.  By starting the process now, it will ensure being one of the first installations of the New Year and not having any stress or worries about it when time is running short. 

Florida weather can be erratic and unpredictable.  There’s no point in waiting when you could have your hurricane windows and doors installed during the “dry” season (Nov.–March.).  When installations are scheduled during the wetter months of the year, you can anticipate delays.  If it rains on the day your impact-resistant windows and doors are supposed to be installed, your installation will get rescheduled.  However, having them installed during the dry season ensures that everything will proceed as planned. This is the safe period comparatively so all installations can go as planned. 

Keep in mind that there are only benefits when you install impact windows and doors.  Those homeowners who’ve had these products installed in the past have enjoyed the fact that their homes are well-protected and more energy-efficient.  Thus, while you’re enjoying the protection against hurricanes and break-ins, you’ll also benefit from the cost savings on your monthly energy bills.  

For more information about hurricane windows and doors, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151.  Our business experts are available for consultation for the best windows and doors for your home. 

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