Interior Noise Reduction with Impact Doors and Windows

Most people don’t consider noise reduction when purchasing impact doors and windows here in South Florida. Floridians have had to contend with the damage caused by the heavy rains and high winds of hurricanes for decades. Granted, nobody wants to give up their personal safety for the sake of reducing noise. However, most individuals don’t realize that impact doors and windows are capable of doing both.

Do Impact Doors and Windows really have Noise Reduction Capabilities?

It may seem somewhat contradictory, but impact doors and windows can significantly reduce the amount of ambient and environmental noise you’re exposed to throughout the day. Although 100% noise-reducing doors and windows don’t exist, impact doors and windows can provide more tranquility within your home by cutting down a significant amount of noise pollution. This is due to the second layer of security that they provide that translates as noise reduction, as the ambient noises are lowered inside the house.

This is where sound transmission class or STC can play a crucial role in your home’s interior living spaces. STC is the scale that is used to measure the ease with which sound can travel through a door or window. A standard, single pane door or window is rated in the high 20’s on the STC scale. In order for a door or window to be rated 100% soundproof, it must have a rating of 45 or higher on the STC scale.

What Types of Noise do Our Impact Doors and Windows reduce?

As a South Florida resident, you’re exposed to different types of noise pollution during the day. For example, if your home is located near I-95, you’re exposed to an excess of road noise throughout the day and evening. However, if you live near the Intracoastal Waterway, then you’ve probably grown accustomed to a variety of ship’s noises during the day and night.

Impact doors and windows help to reduce both types of noise, but you can also expect these products to reduce the following types of noise:

  • airplanes landing, taking off, and taxiing
  • building and construction such as demolition and drilling
  • loud music being played by your neighbors
  • street traffic noise including accidents, honking and vehicles
  • trains

Impact doors and windows are constructed with multiple layers of glass.  This gives them their strength. Furthermore, the types of materials used and the number of layers depends on the type of doors and/or windows you prefer. The strongest impact doors and windows is made using insulation and lamination to strengthen normal glass.

For more information regarding impact doors and windows, contact V&V Windows at your convenience. We’d be glad to assist you with your requirement as we are one of the top manufacturers and directly sell our high quality impact doors and window products range to our consumers.