Can Hurricane Impact Windows Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Hurricane impact windows have saved numerous Florida homes from extensive, costly damage caused by severe storms and turbulence, by keeping flying debris from entering your home.  In addition to protecting your loved ones and your possessions, the impact-resistant glass used in the manufacture of these products can help regulate your indoor climate and lower your monthly utility bills.  You can also benefit from potential reductions from your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

How are Impact-resistant Windows constructed?

In order to understand the energy-saving qualities of impact-resistant windows, it’s important to know how they’re constructed.  The hurricane impact windows made and installed by V&V Windows feature a 3-layer construction with a strong, flexible inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) laminated between two pieces of tempered glass.  This inner layer can also be constructed with a stronger, thicker combination of materials for homeowners living in the hurricane-prone Gulf states. It helps to keep the stormy winds at bay and protects the house and possessions.

It’s not just about Hurricane and Tropical Storm protection

There are a number of benefits of impact-resistant windows besides protection from the elements.  For instance, the products that our company manufactures can help to reduce your monthly cooling and heating bills by reducing energy consumption.  In other words, the hurricane impact windows increase how energy-efficient your home is.  Over time, the savings you experience on your monthly utility bills will more than pay for these products.

It stands to reason that if these windows are strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds, they can keep the winter cold and summer heat from entering your home.  Even on the coldest winter days, your home will be able to hold onto the interior heat and keep your thermostat at a lower setting on chilly days.

Hurricane impact windows will also block out the summer heat.  Although you can’t survive the Florida summers entirely without using the A/C, you’ll be comfortable even if you turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees so it’s not running constantly.  Additionally, you’ll still be cool and comfortable while saving money on your monthly electric bill. Thus, it helps to have high quality impact glass windows installed which have been quality checked and approved for your home or office.

If you want to have more affordable utility bills each month, you should consider having us install these products in your home.  For more information about hurricane impact windows or to schedule an in-home estimate at your convenience, please call V&V Windows today.

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