Benefits of Energy Efficient Impact Windows

Have you been thinking about replacing the single-pane windows of your home with something that will protect you and your family? South Florida homeowners know the best way to protect their families and their homes with impact windows and doors.  In addition to their composition and durability, homeowners want protection from the hot sun and the harsh UV radiation it generates.  The ideal solution is the Energy Star compliant, impact-resistant windows installed by V&V Windows.

If you’re looking for protection from the sun and UV radiation, our impact windows keep the cool air inside your home during summer and the cold air outside during winter.  Many Floridians suffer with costly monthly utility bills every summer because their windows are old and drafty.  As a homeowner, you should take every precaution necessary to ensuring the energy efficiency, protection, and security of your home.  Windows made with impact-resistant glass are the ideal means for accomplishing those goals.

Energy efficient windows manufactured with impact-resistant glass are one of the most essential investments for Florida homeowners.  While most residents enjoy the tropical climate, they’ve also grown accustomed to the threat of hurricanes during the months of June through November every year.  When V&V Windows installs our impact windows, the stress and worry of outrageously high utility bills will be a thing of the past with these products.  Plus, they’re aesthetically appealing and amazingly durable.

So, what makes impact windows so energy efficient as well as attractive? That’s easy.  It’s the quality construction of these products that make them some of the most sought-after home improvements and upgrades in Florida.  Here’s what we mean:

  • Aluminum frame – heavier and stronger than materials used by other companies
  • Easier to clean – protects against air, rain, and wind infiltration; resists mildew and mold growth
  • Elegant design – adds aesthetically pleasing appeal to any home
  • Impact-resistant glass – two panes joined together by an inner layer of PVB for added durability and shatter resistance
  • Laminated glass – provides improved resistance to breaking

In addition to their construction, impact windows from V&V Windows are energy efficient, protect against harmful UV radiation, reduce noise pollution, and provide an added layer of home security against burglars and intruders.  Thus, you don’t get one benefit but multiple advantages when you invest in quality impact glass windows and doors.

Furthermore, our impact windows are very attractive, and will enhance your curb appeal, and increase the value of your home once they’ve been professionally installed by our specialists. To schedule an appointment with our experts or to learn more about the benefits of our impact-resistant windows or to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable specialist, call V&V Windows today 305.888.4151.