A Consumer’s Guide to Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows provide businesses and homes with a number of benefits.  Whether you’re installing new windows in your home or office, the energy-efficient products from V&V Windows will help lower the cost of your utility bills associated with air conditioning usage.  With improved insulation qualities, energy-efficient windows keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays and heat.  When outdoor temperatures increase, the coating on the window glass as well as the multiple panes used in energy-efficient windows helps to maintain your indoor home or office temperature.

Classification Criteria

According to the US Department of Energy’s, Energy Star program, in order for windows to be classified as “energy-efficient”, they must have the following qualities:

  • Gas fills – some energy-efficient windows are manufactured with gases such as argon or krypton between their panes (these gases are colorless and odorless non-toxic gases offer better insulation qualities than regular air).
  • High-quality frame materials – low maintenance, durable framing materials provide better insulation and help to reduce heat transfer.
  • Low e-glass – infrared light is reflected by special coatings which keep heat inside the home in winter and outside in summer while at the same time reflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays (this also helps to protect fabrics from fading and sun damage).
  • Multiple glass panes – two or more panes of glass with an air-filled or gas-filled space between them provides better insulation than a single glass pane while at the same time providing energy efficiency, increased impact resistance, and superior sound insulation.
  • Warm edge spacers – these components keep window panes properly spaced apart and reduce the transfer of heat.

While the savings you enjoy when switching from standard windows to energy-efficient models will vary based on the brand and type installed, the US Department of Energy estimates a savings of $125 to $465 annually. It can add up over the years.

Benefits of Energy-efficient Windows

Despite the sizable investment required to replace deteriorating or older windows with energy-efficient ones, the benefits of doing so are well worth it.  These include:

  • Better insulation against summer heat and winter months
  • Decreased monthly utility costs results from less energy consumption; depending on where you live, you may be entitled to significant tax credits as well
  • Innate soundproofing qualities means improved noise reduction
  • Makes your home eco-friendlier and is therefore better for the environment
  • Protects carpeting and other fabrics from damaging and harmful UV rays
  • Reduces moisture accumulation lowers the risk of mold growth

If you are still thinking about the best impact windows to install, maybe discussing it with our business representatives might help. For additional information regarding energy-efficient windows or to schedule an in-home estimate contact V&V Windows today 305.888.4151. Call us now.