Why Hire Professionals to Install Your Impact Windows and Doors?

When it comes to home remodeling and renovation projects, there are many that can be done DIY style such as adding a new coat of paint, changing your light fixtures, or doing some creative landscaping.  However, one project that is always one to leave in the hands of professionals is the installation of impact windows and doors.  These are by far one of the most challenging and difficult components to replace in your home.  Regardless of how talented of a DIY’er you think you are, you probably lack the proper training that technicians have. And that might lead to some issues especially if the installation hasn’t been done correctly.

The Drawbacks of DIY Impact Window Installation

Impact-resistant windows are by no means a minor investment in one’s home.  So, should you attempt to install them yourself? Absolutely not! Here’s 3 reasons why:

  • You might install them improperly – one of the main reasons for purchasing impact windows is to improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency. However, if they’re installed improperly, the safety and energy efficiency goes right out the window (pun intended).
  • You might not get the right size – if you’ve never measured for replacement windows before, you run the risk of purchasing the wrong size. Once the old window has been removed and you find out that you bought the wrong size, it can be a nightmare.  If you hire V&V Windows to install them, you’ll eliminate that risk and hassle.
  • You’ll void the factory warranty – if you don’t install the impact windows and doors properly, this will automatically void the product manufacturer’s factory warranty.

If you want to eliminate all doubt about installing your impact windows properly, it’s best to call a professional to handle the job. V&V Windows not only manufacture and sell the best range of impact windows and doors but have a team ready to install them for you.

Why Should You Hire V&V Windows to Install Your Impact Windows and Doors?

When it comes to installing impact windows and doors, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that they are installed properly and function correctly.  These steps include:

  • measuring the spaces where they’ll be installed
  • removing the old windows as carefully as possible
  • installing the new windows properly
  • restoring the interior insulation, plaster, and trim work
  • caulking the exterior of the frame to ensure a weather-tight seal

Failing to follow those steps or taking shortcuts could be detrimental to the product’s function and integrity.  Every one of our specialists has been skillfully trained in all facets of impact windows and doors installation.  For additional information about our products or to schedule a free estimate, call 305.888.4151 today.