3 Ways to Secure Sliding Glass Doors in a Hurricane

Florida attracts many new residents and even long-term visitors because of its year-round tropical climate. Unfortunately, many of them are all too familiar with the hurricane season (June through November). If your permanent or temporary residence features sliding glass doors, it’s vital that you understand how to protect the panels from getting shattered in a hurricane or tropical storm. Here are three important tips that will ensure that your sliding glass doors will be protected during these weather events.

Apply hurricane film – this plastic film is the most cost-effective option for protecting your sliding glass doors. It can be applied quickly and easily, by providing a layer of protection to the doors. In the event of flying debris, hurricane film will do a fair job of saving the glass in the doors. However, you should be aware that the glass could still get blown off its frame in extremely high-velocity winds.

Hurricane shutters provide added protection – when you install hurricane shutters to your doors and windows, you should be protected against any flying debris and strong winds that typically occur during these types of events. They’re permanently attached to your home and simple to put up in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm. These products are usually mechanically controlled and made of extruded aluminum. The only setback is when it’s time to put them up you have to put up the panels manually.

Install high-quality impact doors and windows – there are specific building codes that apply in hurricane prone areas of Florida. Most of them require the installation of high-impact resistant doors and windows as they are crucial to you and your family’s protection during a hurricane or tropical storm. V&V Windows’ products are made with a special layer of secure glazing sandwiched between two layers of impact-resistant, laminated glass that will not shatter if it is struck by flying debris.

While these are the 3 primary options that homeowners have for protecting their sliding glass doors, the responsibility of choosing one ultimately rests in your hands. Most homeowners are aware that they are going to face a hurricane season every year. So, it’s always a good idea to keep these options in mind, when preparing for the upcoming season here South Florida.

It is essential that you buy the best in the product ranges, to safeguard your home and businesses. V&V Windows will gladly provide a FREE estimate of installing impact doors and windows in your home. For additional information regarding our high-quality products, we encourage you to contact V&V Windows at your earliest convenience. Call us now and let us help you get the best.