The Many Benefits of Sliding Impact Doors

One of the primary benefits of sliding impact doors is that they provide you with an unobstructed view of the outdoors.  When installing and using these doors, that outside area becomes a part of your living space.  Most Florida residents have installed these types of doors to enable more light to enter their homes, giving an airier look.  Plus, it helps them to appreciate their outdoor space.  In addition to this, they provide additional benefits including:

  • Decreases noise pollution – many homeowners fail to realize that sliding doors fitted with impact-resistant glass also prevent exterior noise from entering their homes. If you live near a freeway or school, this is an important factor.  Furthermore, reducing noise is good for the mind and body.
  • Helps protect your carpeting and furniture – installing impact-resistant doors and windows prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your home. Not only can the sun’s UV rays damage your carpeting and furniture, it can also cause certain infantile cancers. Thus, there are additional benefits of getting these doors installed.
  • Improves energy efficiency – another important reason for installing impact-resistant doors and windows is that it reduces the amount of energy you when cooling or heating your home. Impact-resistant doors and windows keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.
  • Increases your home’s value – one of the best ways to increase your home’s value is by installing impact doors and windows. Potential Florida home buyers are well aware of these different benefits and are willing pay more for homes that are equipped with these features.
  • Prevents burglaries and home invasions – if you’re security conscious at all, this is a huge benefit. Because impact-resistant glass is extremely strong and cannot be broken easily, it acts as a deterrent to criminals.  Not to mention the fact that this keeps your loved ones safe from harm and prevents the theft of valuables.
  • Protection against hurricane force winds and flying debris – the primary purpose of sliding doors equipped with impact-resistant glass is also their most significant benefit. They protect your home against flying debris and the strong winds that carry it, thereby preventing damage to your roof and walls
  • Reduces moisture infiltration – unlike traditional glass windows that allow moisture into your home, impact doors (and windows) prevent this from happening. Moisture can damage your wooden furniture as well as your interior walls. Thus, you can protect your home all year round.

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