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V&V Windows, impact resistant windows manufacturer fabricates all of its hurricane resistant windows to the highest industry standards. We manufacture windows of both high impact and non-impact standards. Each window is constructed to surpass rigorous testing practices in the industry. many people call to us asking for Impact Windows Prices and read how to save about cost.

All of our windows come with different options of colors, different impact ratings, opening styles, and many other options to custom meet the needs of the customer and their budgets. Our impact glass windows come with the industries top rated laminated impact glass which provides for impact resistance, energy reduction, and noise reduction factors.

Single Hung Windows/

SHW are a classic window style. They feature a bottom sash that slides up and down for ventilation and spiral balances for easy lifting. Since the bottom sash does not open outwards, single-hung windows are a great option for windows that face porches, decks or walkway where an open window could obstruct passage. They are available in different styles and sizes as well as laminated glass or laminated insulated glass. Manufacturers also build them using aluminum, vinyl, wood and/or fiberglass frames. Color variations are also available to match the design style of any home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward like a door. They are a great option if you want a clear view of the outside and to let air enter the room. Similar to awning windows, casements also have an easy-to-use handle. Casement windows are ideal for areas where reaching the windows is difficult like windows over the kitchen sink and cabinets. The opening and the closing lever is built to offer a weather-tight seal. Let the fresh air in with a beautifully designed impact resistant casement window. They come in a variety of styles and frame colors to choose from.

Sliding Windows / Horizontal Roller

Sliding windows or horizontal rolling windows contain tracks at the bottom and top of the window frame to allow the right or left sash to slide horizontally from one side, allowing fresh air to enter the room. Depending on building requirements and client desires, the panel that slides can vary. Sliding windows can also be placed in combinations of two and three panels, where one or two panels may open (XOX). In most designs, the operating sash can be removed for easy cleaning of the window. The windows rollers are made from durable materials and ease of operation. Sliding windows are many times the ideal choice to meet egress requirements.

Custom Windows

V&V Windows designs, manufactures and installs doors and windows according to the architectural needs of the property. There are a number of alternatives when combining styles and shapes, ranging from contemporary styles to frame with bows and curves to achieve an unique look. Custom Windows are Energy Efficient; they are also manufactured with high impact laminated glass and high quality aluminum frame.

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custom impact windows

Popular Custom Windows Designs

Rectangle, Equal Modified Rectangle, Modified Rectangle, Full Circle, Half Circle, Quarter Circle, Full Arch Head, Trapezoid, Oval, Hexagon. Get Impact Windows Free Quote in minutes

About V&V Windows | Impact Windows Manufacturer

V&V Windows is an Impact Windows Manufacturer based in Miami Dade County and are tested and certified, Noa Miami Dade, by Miami Dade Product Control. If you need more information about our company visit About V&V Windows . It will be a pleasure to help you.

V&V Windows and Ygrene Energy Fund offer affordable impact windows financing options for homeowners and contractors.