Should I Install Hurricane-Proof Doors?

If you’ve been considering upgrading your doors to hurricane-proof doors or impact-resistant doors, you obviously understand the dangerous threats of hurricanes and tropical storms.  If a natural disaster is approaching, every moment counts.  So if you have to take the time to put up storm panels or shutters, you may not be able to take care of other vitally important preparations.  One of the best ways to save time and ensure that your family and home are protected as a hurricane makes landfall is by installing impact windows and doors from.

Benefits of Installing Impact-resistant Doors

While many Florida residents are aware of impact-resistant doors and windows as well as their protective qualities, fewer of them are aware of the additional benefits over and above storm protection that these products provide.  Here are some additional benefits that hurricane-proof doors from V&V Windows provide:\\

  • Code-approved products – our products meet all industry standards and Florida’s strict building codes.
  • Energy efficiency – most varieties of impact-resistant doors are manufactured with a high-performance, Low-E coating that reduces solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.
  • Homeowners insurance discounts – insurance companies know how effective impact doors can be against the damaging effects of hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • Increased curb appeal and home value – one of the main reasons that homeowners upgrade to impact-resistant doors before listing their house on the market is because of how they can increase their home’s value.
  • Multiple styles available – the popularity of impact glass in doors and windows is attributed to the variety of styles available for varying home designs and tastes.
  • Noise reduction – one of the frequently overlooked benefits of hurricane-proof doors is their ability to significantly reduce the amount of outside noise that enters your home.
  • UV protection – the most important health benefit of V&V Windows impact-resistant products is the protection they offer against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, we have a range of impact-resistant products that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

A Quick Word About Home Security

Hurricane-proof doors or impact-resistant doors provide an additional layer of home security that standard glass doors cannot offer.  Because of the shatter-resistant glass that is laminated together with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral), it creates a barrier that is extremely difficult for a burglar or home invader to get past.  This is especially critical now that the holidays are approaching. You need to be assured that when you are away, your home is safe from natural calamities and burglars.

To learn more about our hurricane-proof doors or any of our other impact-resistant products, contact V&V Windows at your earliest convenience.