Noise Blocking Element Of Impact Windows And Doors

Have you ever noticed how the world around you always seems to be at its noisiest when you’re trying to sleep in on your day off or start to read a good book? Whether you have tiny cracks running throughout your home’s structure or you have older, weaker windows, noise always manages to find a way to get into your home.  Luckily, impact-resistant windows are the best solution to these dilemmas.  The primary purpose of these windows is to protect your family and home from high winds and flying debris during a hurricane and/or tropical storm.  However, there are several other benefits to consider, one of which is reducing noise pollution.

How do Impact Windows Reduce Exterior Noises?

When it comes to upgrading the windows in your home, noise reduction isn’t always at the top of your priorities list.  Remember, you live in South Florida and have to contend with high summer temperatures, lots of rainfall, and strong storms, i.e., hurricanes.  So it’s understandable that no one would want to sacrifice the safety of their home and family for noise reduction.  However, impact windows can do both.  So the question arises – Do noise-proof windows actually exist?

Impact-resistant windows can significantly reduce the amount of ambient and exterior noise in your home.  Although noise-cancelling or noise-proof windows don’t exist, you can reduce noise pollution and make your indoor environment considerably more peaceful with impact windows.  So how do these windows block and reduce the amount of noise that enters your home? Let us explain.

Impact windows derive their noise reduction capabilities and strength from two layers of impact-resistant glass laminated around an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral.  The result of this combination of materials is a peaceful home with happier people living in it.  The construction of these windows also provides energy efficiency by preventing heat and blocking the sun’s UV radiation.  In turn, you’ll have a cooler home and lower monthly utility bills as a result.

Thus, what types of noises will impact-resistant windows help to reduce? The type of noise pollution you have to deal with depends on where you live in South Florida.  If you live near the Intercoastal, for instance, you’ll be disturbed by ships’ horns and boat engines on a regular basis.  If you live near I-95, you’re probably tired of the constant road noise off the highway.  You can expect impact windows to reduce the noise from construction, neighbors, planes, street traffic, and trains. Wouldn’t that be great? For the price of protecting your home from hurricanes and storms, you get the added benefit of protection from break-ins and noise pollution.

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