Is It Worth Installing Impact Doors and Windows?

Just about anyone living in Florida can probably tell you about what a nightmare a hurricane can be. Consequently, many of them can also tell you about the importance of impact doors and windows. If you have recently been shopping for these products, you may be concerned about their cost and be wondering if they are really worth the investment. In the simplest of terms, YES!

Impact doors and windows really do provide the greatest value for the investment.  Doors and windows constructed with impact-resistant glass are designed to withstand Mother Nature’s destructive forces including hurricanes and tropical storms. Listed below are 4 facts about these products that make them an excellent value.

Impact doors and windows are strong – after all, they’re designed to withstand flying debris and gale force winds. They have an inner layer of either ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVA) sandwiched in between some of the strongest glass in the industry today. With V & V Windows you’re never exposed to flying debris or shattered glass during a hurricane.

Impact doors and windows can protect you from burglars and home invasions – most burglaries and home invasions start at the doors or windows of your home. While there is no guarantee that they will stop a criminal from eventually breaking into your home, it will take them a while to do so. . . and that will give you enough time to dial 911 and get the police or sheriff out to your home and possibly save your life. Another good face is since the glass is so thick and difficult to break through the noise that the burglar would have to attempt to make in order to break the impact glass would not be in their best interest. Chances are when they see a home with impact windows and doors they are most probably going to target another house that does not. 

Impact doors and windows will save you money on your monthly utility bills – talk about a return on your investment, when you invest in impact-resistant glass doors and windows, they make your home more energy-efficient. These products keep the cold air out in winter and the hot air out in summer. So, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard to keep your home cool or warm depending on the season.

Impact doors and windows can increase the market value of your home – plus, they’re long-lasting. Since you installed doors and windows made with impact-resistant glass, the value of your home will have increased when and if you decide to sell it. In addition to this, your homeowner’s insurance company may give you an additional discount on your policy premium.

If you are looking to install new impact windows and doors, visit our showroom, V&V Windows located in Hialeah. V & V Windows offers a whole range of high quality and affordable priced impact doors and windows as we manufacture and sell them directly. Each U.S.-made, safety approved product line ensures best for your home.