Impact Windows NOA: Product Approvals & Certifications

impact windows noa

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N.O.A stands for Notice of Acceptance, a document issued by the Miami Dade County after a rigorous test, where it is certified that a door or window model is suitable for commercial operation and has passed the impact resistance test in case of extreme weather.

The N.O.A document also provides useful information for engineers, architects and construction managers, as they indicate parts sizes, type of material and accessories characteristic Miami Dade County authorities require the manufacturer to deliver a copy of the NOA to the installer, who must have it during the entire installation and assembly process, ready to be displayed if an authority requesting it.

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NOA is also a document that can be used to certify the quality of an impact resistant door or window; As the windows and doors which passes the Miami Dade County test guarantee resistant against severe weather conditions; Usually the tests performed usually exceed historical values of a storm.

15-0311.03Series "1200" Aluminum Horizontal Rolling Window - N.I.September/27/2017
Series "1000" Aluminum Fixed Window - N.I.February/7/2018
Series "300" Aluminum Fixed Window - L.M.I.August/22/2018
Series "450" Aluminum Fixed Window - L.M.I.December/24/2019
14-0909.17Series "400" Outswing Aluminum Casement Window - L.M.I.December/24/2019
Series "300" Outswing Glazed Aluminum Doors w/wo sidelites or w/wo Transoms- LMI.September/1/2020
15-0310.04Series "200" Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Window - L.M.I.December/30/2020
15-0310.06Series "1100" Aluminum Single Hung Window - N.I.January/5/2021
15-0311.04Series 300NI Aluminum Outswing Entrance Doors w/wo Sidelites - N.I.July/7/2021
15-0311.02Series "100" Aluminum Single Hung Window - L.M.I.October/20/2021
Impact Windows NOA| Product Approvals for Hurricane Protection.

Product Approvals & Certifications

impact windows noa

If you or your company are making a special effort on a project to better your condominiums, and renovate regular doors and windows for impact resistant ones, Vv windows offers a great variety of products, with elegant and modern designs that meet and exceed all the requisites needed by the Department ff Product Control in Miami Dade County. Impact resistant doors and windows manufactured by Vv Windows offer unique protection which goes further than hurricane seasons.

Apart from living relaxed and secure during hurricane seasons, families that have chosen windows and doors from Vv Windows, enjoy energetic efficiency, noise reduction, and protection from harmful UV rays.

Source: Government of Miami Dade County 2017
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