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Impact windows are growing in popularity with each hurricane that barrels in and out of the southern United States. While there are so many benefits that come along with these windows, a huge benefit of impact resistant windows are the insurance discounts that come along with them. It’s true, when you install impact windows in your home, insurance companies offer deep discounts.
All Impact Windows and Doors from V&V Windows are approved and certified from Miami Dade Products Control department. See NOA
For sure, this help you to save money in the short-term and long run. This is especially important for residents of Florida.
Impact Windows and Insurance Discount

In the state of Florida there is a 2015 Statute (Chapter 627) that ensures insurance providers will continue to offer discounts to their customers with impact windows. When customers purchase and install impact windows they have successfully implemented a tactic to keep damages minimal on their property when it comes to windstorms and hurricanes. When there is less damage done to the property, the insurance company saves money in pay-outs. Therefore, rewarding customers for taking preventative measures, is a win-win for the company and its proactive customers. If you own a home in Florida, you can save money on your insurance policy by installing impact windows.

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Now that you know what to expect from your impact windows quote you will have a much better understanding of the value you will be getting for your money.
Insurance premium discounts can also be applied for impact resistant doors and types of roofing that is designed to withstand wind and rain. There are also specialized products and materials on the market that can be used to further deter the walls or roof of your home from blowing off during a storm. These products and materials can also be used towards eligibility of insurance premium discounts.
Here are some of the factors that are analyzed by the insurance companies when offering a discount on their insurance policy:
  • Each of the doors and windows on your property are impact resistant.
  • The material used in the roofs is stable enough to avoid access to rain and wind.
  • Resistant materials have been used for walls and ceilings.
  • Your property complies with current building codes.
There is an overall expectation of discounts provided by insurance companies. Each organization has its own set of qualifications and discount amounts. It is important to inquire with your specific insurance provider to find out exactly what is offered and what must be done to be eligible for premium discounts. After your impact windows have been installed, your insurance provider will be able to give specific instructions for next steps towards your discount. See also Impact Windows Warranty.

Hurricane Windows and Door offer important Benefits.

It is common for insurance companies to require a wind mitigation inspection report upon finished installation to ensure legitimacy of the installation. They will also want to see that all openings in the home have been covered with impact-resistant glass. When all openings have been covered with impact-resistant windows and doors, the chances of damage decrease significantly. Your home must also comply with the building code of Florida. Unfortunately, insurance premium discounts may not apply to mobile homes.
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By protecting all the different parts of your home, you are keeping yourself and your property safe. You are also helping the insurance company, and keeping your rates low with less insurance claims. Receiving a discount on your insurance premium is just a bonus! If you have been considering purchasing and installing impact windows, there has never been a better time.
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Don’t wait until the next hurricane comes to town, take the steps to protect and save today by purchasing and installing impact resistant windows for your home!