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Protect your Home and Family with Impact Windows and Doors!

This is the way to protect your loved ones and your property from the destructive force of a hurricane. Install now impact resistant windows and doors, which have been tested and certified. Get a Free quote from us! Completely fill out the application and you will be contacted immediately.

V&V Windows is a Manufacturer!

V&V Windows is an Impact Windows and Doors Manufacturer based in Miami, Fl. All product has been testing and certified by Miami Dade Product Control.

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Please note that not all information is required and feel free to leave anything blank if you are not sure. Impact Windows and Doors by V&V Windows has been approved by Miami-Dade County Product Control.

Quick and Clean Installation!

The process of installing your doors and windows does not have to be a mess for your home, our experience guarantees you a fast and very clean installation.
V&V Windows respects your privacy. We collect the information required to fulfill your order / inquiry and use your information only for purposes related to the services we provide. We hold your information with the utmost care and security and we do not sell or exchange our customers’ details.

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No Money Down 100% Financing!

Now it is very easy to get 100% financing with V&V Windows. Increase the power of your property by replacing your existing windows with elegant, sturdy windows that are resistant to the force of the wind and the impact of debris. Reduce the numbers in your bill of energy. The history of your credit is not taken into account and payments can be deferred for 12 months.
Ygrene is a relatively new homeowner loan program that took its first steps in the state of California. Ygrene covers basically all types of home improvements aimed at energy savings. Impact resistant doors and windows contribute to energy savings. Many homeowners are benefiting from this program.
V&V Windows helped us with replacing our doors and windows with these that are impact resistant. We do not have to make a payment and the process of getting the financing was as they told us, it was easy and very fast.
Vivian Layne
Miami, FL
We just love how beautiful our new Impact windows look and our home is so much more safety and charming now. The people of V&V Windows were very professional and polite. They did a wonderful job!
Tamara Ross
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
We are very happy with our new patio doors. The installers and all the people in the company are very friendly. Funding with Ygrene came at the best of times. An excellent choice.
Juan Abraham
Homestead, Fl

Never Doubt What an Impact Window Can do For You!

… and for your family. Impact windows and doors are helping to save lives. The strength of hurricanes is capable of destroying a house, if they are capable to penetrate through a door or window. The pressure they create on the inside is so great that the roof comes off. Also, avoid flying objects that enter your home by destroying everything in your path, including a loved one.
Impact Windows and Doors are "Benefits plus Benefits"
Impact windows helps to reduce energy bill, get premium insurance discount, protect it from burglary and are elegant and modern.
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