How to Get Impact Windows Financing

Are you looking for Impact Windows Financing? Ygrene Energy Fund is a provider of financing options for residential and commercial property projects in the United States, that promote clean and save energy. Vv Windows is an Impact Resistant Windows Manufacturer partner with Ygrene Fund. Impact products (window and door) have been tested and certified for Miami Dade Quality Product Control.

Impact windows Financing by Vv Windows

Ygrene is a private entity that offers, almost immediately financing for projects that promote efficient energy consumption, as well as renewable energy, water conservation, and in certain regions of the country, the protection against storms, promoting the installation of impact resistant hurricane window and door.

Ygrene makes it easy for families to invest in improving their homes, which translates into making our planet and our surroundings healthier, safer and with a minimal impact to our ecosystem. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, Ygrene will be responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs in local communities and for investing millions of dollars in local economies, this way helping many North American families.

Ygrene comes about from a desire to build homes and communities that are capable of using energy in a conscious way. Its objective is to improve home life in a way that is easy and affordable for homeowners. Ygrene operates with the conviction that it is possible to build and renovate our homes and communities if the government, businesses and individuals unite to make it happen.

Who Founded Ygrene Energy Fund ?

Dennis Hunter Founder of Ygrene Fund

Dennis Hunter, who has over 40 years of experience in the financial sector, who was also co-founder and ex-president of Sonoma National Bank. Mr. Hunter has a vast knowledge in the management of banks and financing institutions. He has also led over 35 real estate projects, both commercial and residential.

In 2008, Dennis founded the Global Legacy Foundation with the purpose of goal of creating solutions to the global climate change problem. Combining this strong passion with his knowledge of financing, allowed him to make Ygrene a reality and to develop its PACE Method.

How does Ygrene Fund Work?

Currently, Ygrene is working with various cities in the US to offer loan to those homeowners or business owners who wish to do energy efficiency upgrades. Ygrene financing can be used to lower energy use, efficient use of water or to protect homes against hurricanes and tropical storms.

Here is Ygrene, it offers you 100% financing on home improvements and it is fast and accessible. South Florida Ygrene Map

South Florida Cities w/ Financing Available

Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton - Broward County - Boynton Beach - Fort Myers - Port St Lucie - Dania Beach - Pompano Beach - West Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale Jupiter - Palm Beach Gardens - Boca Raton Boynton - Deerfield Beach Delray - Beach Delray Beach - County Coconut Creek - Davie Deerfield Beach - Pembroke Pines Pompano - Jupiter Lake Worth - Vero Beach FL - Sunrise Wellington Weston - Beach Gardens Pembroke - Palm Beach County - Boynton Beach Broward - Raton Boynton Beach - Pompano Beach and more...

What Kind of Home Improvement are Eligible?

Many families have installed solar panels in their homes, lowering their energy use. Others have used the money to improve their A/C systems, replacing outdated one with more efficient A/C units.

The funds can be used in the installation of insulation systems, net-zero landscaping and also in replacing doors and windows for hurricane resistant ones. There are thousands of energy efficient projects that qualify and that will help lower your energy consumption, improve your comfort and the air quality inside your home, hurricane resistant windows, as well as increase the value of your property.  100% Financing for Impact  Resistant Windows are available. 

What are the Payment Options?

This is done through PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), Ygrene’s financing method. This type of credit allows you keep all your cash in the bank and to place the financed amount on your property tax bill. Comparing PACE’s financing with that of a regular bank, PACE allows you to save over 50% of the costs.

Impact Windows Financing. Easy and Affordable Way.

Vv Windows in partnership with Ygrene Energy Fund offers unprecedented financing options in the hurricane protection and home improvement industry with the installation of hurricane windows and hurricane doors. 

What happens if I Sell my Home or Property?

If you sell your property or home, the payments and deductions are transferred over to the new owners. Ygrene lends the money to the property, not to the owners.

Contrary to other financing options, it is not necessary to review your credit score, financial statements and employment verification.

Depending on when you ask for financing, you might not have to make payments for the first 17 months. The property owner will begin to enjoy the benefits of their home renovation right away in their lower energy use.

Just like any other added property tax, the PACE payments are transferred to new property owners if the real estate is sold. PACE can be used with any property, residential, commercial, agricultural, and non-profit. Many multifamily properties are also eligible.

How to Work Pace Financing Method?

The PACE financing method is simple and easy to understand. In many cases when all the documentation has been collected, financing approval is done in a matter of minutes. Ygrene has a very informative website. People can write their questions and they answer kindly to any concerns they might have by email or through their live chat that is available 24 hrs a day.

You can use PACE to improve your lighting, heating or cooling systems, insulation, engines and water pumps, or installing solar panels and any other energy efficient project, there are hundreds of upgrades that we fund.

Pace Funding Method Steps

To take the first step you have to contact Vv Windows (Hurricane Windows and Doors Manufacturer Registered) and we will help you throughout the process.

Impact windows Financing Ygrene Process with Vv Windows

The second step would be to design a 100% financing plan that you can pay in 20 years using an added tax to your property tax bill.