Awning vs. Casement Impact Windows – Is there A Difference?

When shopping for impact windows, be prepared for the wide variety of styles and types that are currently available today.  It’s important to understand the many choices you have when selecting products that best benefit your home.  You will need to make a decision based on your budget, current window requirements and the décor of the house. Two of the more popular styles to consider are awning and casement impact-resistant windows.  Although they are similar in the benefits they provide, there are some significant differences between them.  Regardless, either style will be a great upgrade for your Florida home.

Both types of windows are often referred to as “crank” windows, since you open them with a cranking mechanism.  Both types open and shut easily by turning a fold-down, easy-to-reach handle.  Yet while they are similar in this way, there are two significant differences as follows:

  • Awning impact windows are top-hinged so they open bottom out.  They are available in 1, 2, or 3 different configurations.  These windows are commonly made for openings that require the width to be greater than the height.
  • Casement impact windows are side-hinged and open to the left or right.  These windows are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 configurations and are designed for openings requiring the height to be greater than the width.

Since both styles of windows open outward, they provide your home with natural light and maximum ventilation.  Consequently, you’ll find these work extremely well in areas of the home that require ventilation such as the bathroom or kitchen as well as sitting rooms where you would want an unobstructed view of the outdoors.  Furthermore, both styles require sufficient free space around them to ensure that they open fully.  Shrubs, trees, or other obstructions should be located away from these windows. Thus, you may look at these key considerations before you get the windows installed. 

6 Benefits of Crank-style Impact-resistant Windows

Because awning and casement impact windows don’t have meeting sashes or rails, they provide you with unobstructed views of the outdoors.  Additionally, they are easy to open and ideal for mounting in those hard-to-reach areas such as the space above a kitchen sink.  This is because it is easier to access and makes for effortless opening and closing.  Plus, you have the following benefits:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Effortless operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Increased security
  • Unobstructed views of the outdoors

Whether you choose awning or casement impact-resistant windows for your home, you’ll be able to customize them with plenty of options from V&V Windows.  To learn more about these fabulous products, call us today at (305) 888-4151.

Home Safety and How Impact Windows & Doors Can Help

You may already know that impact windows and doors offer added protection against damage from hurricanes and tropical storms.  But did you know that they can protect you and your family from home-related crimes such as burglaries and home invasions? When a burglar or intruder breaks into your home, they typically break a window or kick in a door.  These types of forced entry methods are quick and simple and permit an intruder to enter your home in a matter of seconds.

As the name implies, impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand the impact of wind-borne debris during a hurricane.  However, they can also spoil break-in attempts by a burglar or other intruder.  Unlike regular glass that shatters on impact, the glass used in impact windows and doors is constructed with an inner layer of resin that is sandwiched between two layers of glass.  As a result, these windows and doors will splinter, but they won’t break.

Consequently, breaking through impact-resistant windows and doors can prove to be too difficult and tedious for any criminal to deal with.  Burglars and intruders typically depend on covertness and speed to lower their chances of getting caught in the act.  However, with impact windows and doors, you’ll decrease their ability to enter your home quietly and quickly.  Needless to say, you’ll enjoy the added layer of security that these products provide.

In addition to protecting your family and your home from hurricanes and wind-borne debris as well as criminals, these products provide additional benefits such as:


  • Discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Providing UV protection
  • Reducing noise pollution


Impact-resistant windows and doors can also protect against accidents.  For example, here’s a scenario to illustrate this point.  Imagine the local neighborhood children are playing baseball in the street and one of them bats a ball at your window.  If you have regular glass windows, that batted ball is going to break through and possibly damage something inside.  However, if you’ve installed impact windows and doors, the glass will only splinter and not shatter. And that helps to prevent accidents. When it is about hurricane season, you are sure your home and family are protected. 

While traditional glass windows can easily be broken by flying debris during a hurricane, impact-resistant windows and doors are sturdier due to their multi-layer construction.  When you consider the many benefits that these products provide, it’s easy to see how they pay for themselves in the long run.  For more information about these products, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today.


Prepare for Hurricane Season During the Holidays

While the holidays are the ideal time for loved ones and their friends to spend time with one another and enjoy the festivities, the best gifts are the ones that ensure the safety and protection of those individuals and the homes they live in.  And while hurricane season is technically over for the most part, now is the best time to consider installing impact windows and doors.  So, why not reserve a time with V&V Windows so you can be one of the first installations of 2022?

Installing hurricane windows and doors provides an added layer of protection for hurricanes and tropical storms as well as unwanted intruders, all of which gives you peace of mind.  This is the best time of the year to start researching the different styles and types of impact-resistant windows and doors that are currently available.  If you live in Florida, always being prepared for and protected against natural disasters ahead of time should be a priority.  Don’t until the last minute.

Installation lead times get longer when everyone is rushing to get this done the closer it gets to hurricane season.  That’s why the professionals at V&V Windows encourage you to start the process during holiday season since it will take time to make custom fitting impact windows and doors for your home.  By starting the process now, it will ensure being one of the first installations of the New Year and not having any stress or worries about it when time is running short. 

Florida weather can be erratic and unpredictable.  There’s no point in waiting when you could have your hurricane windows and doors installed during the “dry” season (Nov.–March.).  When installations are scheduled during the wetter months of the year, you can anticipate delays.  If it rains on the day your impact-resistant windows and doors are supposed to be installed, your installation will get rescheduled.  However, having them installed during the dry season ensures that everything will proceed as planned. This is the safe period comparatively so all installations can go as planned. 

Keep in mind that there are only benefits when you install impact windows and doors.  Those homeowners who’ve had these products installed in the past have enjoyed the fact that their homes are well-protected and more energy-efficient.  Thus, while you’re enjoying the protection against hurricanes and break-ins, you’ll also benefit from the cost savings on your monthly energy bills.  

For more information about hurricane windows and doors, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151.  Our business experts are available for consultation for the best windows and doors for your home. 

Tips on How to Upgrade Your Home This Winter

Just about every Florida homeowner is aware of the fact that impact windows protect their homes against hurricanes and tropical storms.  Obviously, that is the primary reason for installing them.  If even one window on your home gets shattered during a hurricane, the protective barrier between the higher outdoor pressure that a hurricane produces and your home’s lower internal pressure is compromised.  Massive internal damage can occur and put you and your loved one’s lives at risk.

Additional Benefits of Installing Impact-resistant Windows

In addition to protection against storm damage, impact-resistant windows offer other significant benefits as well including:


  • Additional layer of security against break-ins and intruders
  • Discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • Increased resale value of the home
  • Reducing noise pollution
  • Significant cost savings on monthly energy bills



All of these factors should be taken into consideration as a part of your home upgrades agenda this winter. Thus, if you are investing in impact windows and doors, you are looking to gain more in the long run. 

Other Home Upgrades to Consider During Winter

The cost to heat your home during winter can disrupt your enjoyment of the holidays.  However, it can make you uncomfortable if you feel cold all the time.  One of the main benefits of impact windows is energy efficiency.  By addressing the windows in your home first, it will make things cozier for everyone.  While you’re at it, consider these 6 additional home upgrade tips this winter:


  • Check your attic for any air leaks and seal them.
  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat which will help you save on your monthly energy costs.  Once you set the temperature, leave your thermostat alone.
  • Install door sweeps on doors leading outside to prevent drafts from entering.
  • Install weather stripping to prevent cold air from getting in and warm air from escaping through any cracks or gaps around doors and windows.
  • Set your ceiling fan blades to spin clockwise.  This lifts cool air up and pushes warm air down so you can enjoy it.
  • Most importantly, have impact-resistant windows installed if you haven’t already done so.  You’ll enjoy the significant cost savings on your monthly energy bills.



Remember, the purpose of winter upgrades is to provide added comfort and protect you and your loved ones during the hurricane and tropical storm season.  One of the best ways to ensure comfort, protection, and safety is by installing impact windows from V&V Windows during the winter. 

To learn more about our extensive product line and the cost of installing impact-resistant windows in your Florida home this winter, call us today at (305) 888-4151.

Noise Blocking Element Of Impact Windows And Doors

Noise Blocking Element Of Impact Windows And Doors

Have you ever noticed how the world around you always seems to be at its noisiest when you’re trying to sleep in on your day off or start to read a good book? Whether you have tiny cracks running throughout your home’s structure or you have older, weaker windows, noise always manages to find a way to get into your home.  Luckily, impact-resistant windows are the best solution to these dilemmas.  The primary purpose of these windows is to protect your family and home from high winds and flying debris during a hurricane and/or tropical storm.  However, there are several other benefits to consider, one of which is reducing noise pollution.

How do Impact Windows Reduce Exterior Noises?

When it comes to upgrading the windows in your home, noise reduction isn’t always at the top of your priorities list.  Remember, you live in South Florida and have to contend with high summer temperatures, lots of rainfall, and strong storms, i.e., hurricanes.  So it’s understandable that no one would want to sacrifice the safety of their home and family for noise reduction.  However, impact windows can do both.  So the question arises – Do noise-proof windows actually exist?

Impact-resistant windows can significantly reduce the amount of ambient and exterior noise in your home.  Although noise-cancelling or noise-proof windows don’t exist, you can reduce noise pollution and make your indoor environment considerably more peaceful with impact windows.  So how do these windows block and reduce the amount of noise that enters your home? Let us explain.

Impact windows derive their noise reduction capabilities and strength from two layers of impact-resistant glass laminated around an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral.  The result of this combination of materials is a peaceful home with happier people living in it.  The construction of these windows also provides energy efficiency by preventing heat and blocking the sun’s UV radiation.  In turn, you’ll have a cooler home and lower monthly utility bills as a result.

Thus, what types of noises will impact-resistant windows help to reduce? The type of noise pollution you have to deal with depends on where you live in South Florida.  If you live near the Intercoastal, for instance, you’ll be disturbed by ships’ horns and boat engines on a regular basis.  If you live near I-95, you’re probably tired of the constant road noise off the highway.  You can expect impact windows to reduce the noise from construction, neighbors, planes, street traffic, and trains. Wouldn’t that be great? For the price of protecting your home from hurricanes and storms, you get the added benefit of protection from break-ins and noise pollution.

For more information, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 or send us a message at Our representatives are here for your assistance.

Why Should Home Renovations include Impact Windows and Doors?

Why Should Home Renovations include Impact Windows and Doors?

Nothing equates with proudness and satisfaction like the words “home ownership.’’  However, the privileges of owning a home come with responsibilities such as ensuring that it’s a safe place to live for you and your loved ones.  When you live in the greater Miami area or elsewhere in South Florida, installing impact windows and doors gives you peace of mind. We know that there are multiple benefits of installing impact windows and doors and here are 6 top reasons for doing so:

  • The obvious – impact windows and doors protect homes and what’s inside of them from hurricanes and tropical storms.  The Atlantic hurricane season last year (2020) saw between $60 and $65 billion dollars in damages.  Although this wasn’t the highest dollar amount on record, it should still make you realize the importance of impact-resistant glass products and their benefits.
  • Added protection and security – most burglaries occur when an intruder enters your home through a door or window by breaking the glass or prying it open.  Fortunately, impact-resistant windows and doors are difficult to break thanks to their construction.  Since an intruder won’t be able to shatter the glass, it will most likely discourage them from targeting your home in the future.
  • Energy efficiency – one of the reasons that people live in Florida or decide to move here is the temperate weather that occurs all year long.  The multi-layer construction of impact doors and windows keeps the hot air out during summer months which helps you save money on your utility bills during the peak heat months.
  • Homeowner’s insurance discounts – installing these products reduces the risk in damages and the possibility of you filing an expensive claim against your policy.  As a result, insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install doors and windows fitted with impact-resistant glass.
  • Increases your home’s resale value – most prospective home buyers are concerned about two key issues – security and structure features.  Items such as the electrical system, foundation, roof, and windows can have a huge impact on home safety.  So when you install impact windows and doors, it enhances your home’s curb appeal and increases its value.
  • Reduced noise pollution – another key benefit and feature of impact doors and windows is their ability to reduce the amount of exterior noise that enters your home.  The noise reducing ability is attributed to the polyvinyl membrane that is sandwiched between two layers of impact-resistant glass.

To learn more about impact windows and doors, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151. We are here to help you get the best for your home and office building. Call now.

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value by Installing Impact Windows

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value by Installing Impact Windows

Making home improvements such as landscaping your property, painting the exterior and interior of your home, and remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen can all increase the resale value of your home.  Yet so many homeowners view impact windows as functional updates that don’t add any resale value.  This is a misconception at the very least.  They’re an excellent way to allow more natural light in without sacrificing safety and security.  Natural light not only enhances the appearance of your home, it creates a warm and inviting interior environment.

Energy Efficiency

The problem with natural light is that it usually involves having to install larger windows.  In turn, this generates a greater security risk and higher monthly utility bills.  So what’s the solution? Impact windows and doors.  They provide natural light without sacrificing anything.  Not only do they keep you, your family, and your belongings safe and secure during severe storm events, they also keep the cool air in and the hot air out during the summer.  This provides the added benefit of energy efficiency.

The average Florida home will lose up to 30% of its cooling and heating energy if there are air leaks around your windows.  A recent study conducted by Energy Star revealed that switching to impact windows from single-pane windows could save you almost $500 annually.  The rule of thumb is that you should replace your older single-pane windows about every 10 years.  Conversely, if you install impact-resistant windows, they could potentially last even longer.

Noise Reduction

In an ideal scenario, the sounds of birds singing and children laughing would be the only exterior noises that you hear while inside your home.  Unfortunately, there’s no such ideal scenario.  Thus, you usually end up hearing loud cars driving by, a neighbor mowing their lawn, and traffic on a nearby busy street.  Fortunately, impact windows and doors can significantly reduce noise pollution so your indoor environment remains peaceful despite those exterior noises.

About Impact Doors

Protection is key when it comes to safeguarding your family from crime and other elements.  With impact windows and doors burglars are deterred from breaking and entering as it is much harder to break through impact glass vs. standard ones. Most south Florida residents know that Mother Nature is the main culprit where that is concerned.  The best way to ensure that you’re prepared for hurricane season is by installing impact windows and doors.  There are no mounting sheets of plywood or closing shutters. Impact windows and doors are a great investment and add value to your home.

To learn more, call V&V Windows today at (305) 888-4151. Our business representatives are here to help you with more information about impact windows. Call now.

Details Every Buyer Should Know About Impact Windows and Doors

Details Every Buyer Should Know About Impact Windows and Doors

For many South Florida residents every year prior to hurricane season, we see people tediously prepping their homes for impending storms.  They duct tape their windows, gather sandbags, purchase flashlights and extra batteries, and so on.  You have to be thinking that there’s got to be a better way.  Indeed, there is.  It’s called impact-resistant windows and doors or simply impact windows and doors. There are many aspects to consider when you are buying impact windows.

Often referred to as hurricane or storm windows and doors, these components can protect your family and home, giving you one less thing to be worried about, and help provide you peace of mind in the process. We are the manufacturer and installers and are able to ensure that our impact windows and doors are properly installed.

How Do You Choose Impact-resistant Windows?

If you’ve never had any experience with impact windows, you’re probably wondering how to choose them and ensure that you, your family, and the contents of your home will be protected.  Here are 6 important factors you have to consider when you decide to purchase impact-resistant windows and doors for your home:

  • Building code compliant – purchasing impact-resistant windows and doors that comply with all local area building codes will keep you on the right side of the law.  When it comes to these types of windows and doors, there are federal and state laws that must be adhered to.
  • Buy local – rest assured, our manufactured impact windows and doors are all up to code and have been designed to withstand climatic and environmental conditions. Our products are built in the heart of Hialeah.
  • Corrosion resistance – this is a key factor considered as the salt water from the Atlantic or the Gulf can be very corrosive.  Impact windows and doors that are corrosion-resistant will last for years without being negatively impacted by salt water.
  • Durability – most buildings in Florida undergo an inspection (every 40 years) to determine if they are up to code standards.  So it’s important to ensure that your windows and doors have met these standards.
  • Hurricane resistance – if you’re shopping for impact-resistant windows and doors, this is a critical factor to be aware of.  Since different categories of hurricanes commonly occur, your best bet is to install impact-resistant glass windows and doors capable of withstanding category 5 hurricanes as these are the strongest.
  • Local pricing – buying locally significantly cuts stamp duty and tax expense.  It also eliminates or reduces transportation costs.  Be aware that premium impact-resistant glass usually comes at a premium price.  However, by paying slightly higher than the average market rate, you’re guaranteeing that you’re getting durable impact windows of the highest quality.

To learn more about impact-resistant windows, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today. Our business representatives will be happy to assist you with any specific requirements and measurements your home may need. Call now!

5 Reasons for Getting Impact Windows & Doors Prior to Moving

5 Reasons for Getting Impact Windows & Doors Prior to Moving

Many Florida homeowners have asked us if it’s worth it to install impact windows prior to selling their house and moving.  It’s a good idea to have a professional pre-listing home inspection to determine if there are any areas of concern that should be addressed beforehand.  One of those areas is windows.  

Our advice is to replace them if you foresee that the new owners will have any problems in the future. Additionally, if you are the buyer and impact windows are not installed in the home you are moving into, we recommend making the investment in your future home for you and your family. Hurricanes and tropical storms are very common in Florida and you’ll benefit greatly in the long run on this investment. 

Will Impact Windows increase the Value of Your Home?

If you’ve been considering installing impact windows prior to selling your home, you probably have lots of questions.  Without a doubt, impact windows have numerous benefits.  But are they worth it? YES! Before committing to making the investment, take a look at the benefits of installing impact windows.  These include:

  • Aesthetics – impact windows are clean, sleek, and streamlined thereby negating the need for hurricane panels or shutters.  Furthermore, you won’t be sitting in the dark when you lose power as a hurricane approaches.
  • Improved energy efficiency – impact windows are available in different types of glass.  Their level of energy efficiency and performance will be based on the type of glass that you choose.  The fact of the matter is that energy-efficiency is ranked as very important to 56% of all the home buyers out there.
  • Increased protection – from a safety and security standpoint, another very important benefit is the increased level of protection against burglars and unwanted intruders that impact windows and doors provide.
  • Noise reduction – another key benefit of installing impact windows is their ability to decrease outdoor noise levels.  So if you live near businesses, busy roadways, or schools, you won’t have to deal with as much exterior noise as you normally would.
  • Ultraviolet protection – in addition to improved energy efficiency and increased home protection, impact windows can block out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  This helps protect artwork, drapes, fabrics, furniture, and walls from damage.

So do impact windows add value to your home? It’s a given that they can positively impact a prospective buyer’s willingness to pay your asking price.  Just remember that energy efficiency is a great selling point.  Plus, most buyers don’t want to deal with a lot of renovations and repairs once they’re in their new home.  To learn more, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today.

Contrasting The Color Of Your Impact Windows & Doors With Your Home

Contrasting The Color Of Your Impact Windows & Doors With Your Home

When you have impact windows and doors installed in your Florida home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in that added layer of protection when the next hurricane season arrives.  There are other decisions involved with the choice of impact windows and doors including finding a color that coordinates well with your home.  While there may not be anything wrong with color, changing it can refresh the aesthetics of your home and increase its curb appeal as well.  Here are a few reasons for this:

  • You want a more classic look – believe us, there is an abundance of classic looks available on the market, none of which will go out of style such as black and white.  It stands to reason that contrasting the color of your home with your impact windows and doors is classic and trendy and will remain as such well into the future.
  • You want a more modern appearance – if you’re into more modern aesthetics, then going the contrast route can be impactful.  If you look at interior room designs, furnishings are sparse and stark blacks and whites are common.  If you’re leaning towards a more modern looking appearance, contrast the color of your windows and doors with your home.  For example, if your home is white or off-white, getting a dark color of impact windows and doors could really make a bold and subtle statement.
  • You want your windows to look fresh and new – it really doesn’t matter whether you keep the same color or match your impact windows and doors to your home.  What does matter is that they look new and are safe.  However, if you really want those windows and doors to stand out, contrasting their color with the color of the paint on your home can dramatically improve the appearance of your property.  They’ll stand out once they’re installed and for years down the road.
  • Your home is painted a lighter color – you might be thinking going for a classic color such as white might be boring.  Although it is the one of the most popular colors, when mixing that with a darker paint color for your home you can create a beautiful outcome. A home painted in a darker color like the picture shown here, dark grey looks modern with a touch of the white impact windows and doors.  After all, you can always paint your home another color down the road and still be able to match the white impact windows and doors. 

For more information about choosing the right color of impact windows and doors for your home, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today. We have experts that can help you make the decision that you are looking for. Call NOW!