Hurricane Windows: The Guide for Homeowners

Hurricane Windows. As you look into purchasing new windows and doors, you may have come across the term “impact windows”.  For anyone that lives and works outside of the construction world, this term isn’t very common and you may not know exactly what it means. Vv Windows is an Impact Windows Manufacturer based in Miami FL

Impact windows. Hurricane Windows

However, hurricane resistant windows are a very important aspect of the overall window world. Also known as impact-resistant windows, these elements of the home are stronger and more resilient than normally manufactured windows. They are a better and more protective alternative to customary glass windows.

What are Impact Resistant Windows?

Hurricane windows combine glass and a layer of PVB laminate to provide a stronger type of glass than a traditional window. With increased strength, these windows can stand up to weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes without breaking or shattering. Impact Resistant Windows in general are known for being stronger and longer-lasting. Depending on the manufacturer and supplier, hurricane windows are available in different styles and colors for different architectural needs.

What are Impact Resistant Glass? / Glass Options

Impact Resistant Glass

Polyvinyl Butaryl (PVB) is used in hurricane windows & doors to absorb all types of impacts to the glass and is used in between layers of glass to strengthen the window and resist impact from the outside world. These type of impact-resistant windows can be added to a new construction project as well as fit into existing (replacement windows) residential or commercial windows. Impact resistant glass is responsible for preventing penetration of Uv Rays.

What are Aluminum Frame?

Impact Glass Windows are most effective when combined with structurally stable frames. Stable frames can be made of aluminum commercial grade. Hurricane Windows frame must be stronger than normal window, to properly support debris impact and winds force. The aluminum frame is several times stronger than those made of wood or vinyl. Once the laminated glass fits the frame, using an industrial procedure, a strong and durable bond is created.

Impact windows aluminum frame

Hurricane Resistant Windows in Florida

South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful buildings facing the sea; But it is in that area where hurricanes of category 5 arrive every year, capable of destroying everything that finds its way. Hurricane protection (at windows & doors) is a need.

hurricane in south florida

Areas like Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Fl and the Keys of Florida require impact-resistant windows and doors. Impact hurricane windows are most popular and are present in areas where severe weather is an ongoing threat. For example, homeowners in Florida experience hurricanes each and every year. In the past, a majority of owners dedicated hours boarding up their shutters storm windows in preparation for a hurricane. However, this isn’t an efficient, cost effective or secure way to facing a hurricane.

Are Impact Windows Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a hot topic right now. Windows are one of the main places in the home that can be upgraded or updated to help improve overage energy efficiency in a residential or commercial building. Whether you are looking to improve your current windows or purchase new, more energy efficient windows, you are in the right place.

Many homes already have windows when they are purchased. Instead of purchasing brand new windows, many owners look for ways to improve the ones that are currently installed. There are three main ways to get this done. First of all, storm windows can be added. Storm windows help decrease the amount of air leakage or in other words keeping air in or out. Weather-stripping and caulk can also help to decrease the amount of air that either leaks out or leaks into the home. While weather-stripping can only be used around the outsides of the window, caulk can be used to fill in small holes, gaps or cracks.

Another option to help increase the energy efficiency of existing windows is to use window treatments or covers in the cooler and warmer months. Covering the window from edge to edge allows warm air to stay in during the winter, and cool air to stay inside during the summer.

Vv Windows, impact resistant windows manufacturer fabricates all of its hurricane resistant windows to the highest industry standards. We manufacture windows of both high impact and non-impact standards. Each window is constructed to surpass rigorous testing practices in the industry. All of our windows come with different options of colors, different impact ratings, opening styles, and many other options to custom meet the needs of the customer and their budgets. Our impact glass windows come with the industries top rated laminated impact glass which provides for impact resistance, energy reduction, and noise reduction factors.

Single Hung Windows/

SHW are a classic window style. They feature a bottom sash that slides up and down for ventilation and spiral balances for easy lifting. Since the bottom sash does not open outwards, single-hung windows are a great option for windows that face porches, decks or walkway where an open window could obstruct passage. They are available in different styles and sizes as well as laminated glass or laminated insulated glass. Manufacturers also build them using aluminum, vinyl, wood and/or fiberglass frames. Color variations are also available to match the design style of any home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a sash that opens to the outside from the bottom up using a lever that is easy to operate and are hinged at the top. This allows for great ventilation even when it is raining. If you are concerned about where you can place a screen on the window, the screens usually go on the inside of the window so it can still be opened and to keep bugs out. Awning windows are sometimes placed in combination with non-operable windows. They are also a great solution for small spaces and need a window that is easy to open.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward like a door. They are a great option if you want a clear view of the outside and to let air enter the room. Similar to awning windows, casements also have an easy-to-use handle. Casement windows are ideal for areas where reaching the windows is difficult like windows over the kitchen sink and cabinets. The opening and the closing lever is built to offer a weather-tight seal. Let the fresh air in with a beautifully designed impact resistant casement window. They come in a variety of styles and frame colors to choose from.

Sliding Windows / Horizontal Roller

Sliding windows or horizontal rolling windows contain tracks at the bottom and top of the window frame to allow the right or left sash to slide horizontally from one side, allowing fresh air to enter the room. Depending on building requirements and client desires, the panel that slides can vary. Sliding windows can also be placed in combinations of two and three panels, where one or two panels may open (XOX). In most designs, the operating sash can be removed for easy cleaning of the window. The windows rollers are made from durable materials and ease of operation. Sliding windows are many times the ideal choice to meet egress requirements.

Custom Windows

Vv Windows designs, manufactures and installs doors and windows according to the architectural needs of the property. There are a number of alternatives when combining styles and shapes, ranging from contemporary styles to frame with bows and curves to achieve an unique look. Custom Windows are Energy Efficient; they are also manufactured with high impact laminated glass and high quality aluminum frame.

custom impact windows

Popular Custom Windows Designs

Rectangle, Equal Modified Rectangle, Modified Rectangle, Full Circle, Half Circle, Quarter Circle, Full Arch Head, Trapezoid, Oval, Hexagon.

Are Hurricane Windows Soundproof?

No one wants to be disturbed by noises from the outside world. While traditional windows are thin and allow a lot of outside noise into your home, impact windows do not. The thicker glass of these windows keeps unwanted noise out. Even the quietest neighborhoods have that one neighbor that insists on mowing the grass at 6:00 AM on a Saturday. With impact windows, you enjoy peace and quiet all day, every day.

Impact Windows Noises Reductions

It’s just an added benefit that adding impact windows to your home can also increase energy efficiency along with the value of your home. Many insurance companies also give significant discounts, up to 40% off of premiums, for homes that have all impact windows and doors properly installed.

Permit Fees for Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Any owner, authorized agent or contractor that wishes to build, or modify the structure of a property should first make a request to the building official and obtain permission required for the job. Many property owners ask if it is mandatory to provide a permit to install impact windows when there is a replacement of their current doors and windows.

Coral Gables
Boca Raton
Vero Beach
West Palm Beach
Fort Myers
Fort Laurderdale

The Florida Building Code stipulates that construction permits are necessary to replace windows, french doors, and sliding doors (patio doors and entry doors) . Making modifications to a property without a permit is illegal and could result in fines, causing problems with local authorities, and when you would like to sell your home. Only contractors with updated licenses and insurance or homeowners (who act as contractors) can obtain a permit to do the task.

High Impact Windows and Doors. - Photo Gallery

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Condo in Miami. Windows and Doors
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Impact Windows Cape Coral

Installation Services

The professionals at Vv Windows (windows and doors) take exceptional pride in providing the highest quality impact windows and patio doors installations in Florida. Our Certified and professionals installers serves Residential and Commercial properties including homes, buildings as well as architects and developers. Our focus is fully educating as opposed to selling. We want happy clients who refer us to family and friends.

To help us achieve this we place a higher emphasis on outstanding installation services and customer experience. Some of the important components of our installation services include: moving furniture prior to job, use of dust resistant plastic, removal and replacement of your window treatments, proper clean up upon completion, meeting with city inspectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not uncommon to have a lot of question when you’re exploring impact windows. To help you with your research and perhaps even answer some of the questions you have, take a look at the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact us directly. Our team would be more than happy to provide you with any information you may need to start or complete your impact window project.

Are Hurricane Proof Windows Required in Florida?

There are certain areas in Florida where impact windows are required by local government. The building codes in areas of South Florida require what is called, “wind-borne debris protection,” or in other words impact windows that are resistant to flying debris due to hurricanes. Specifically, Miami-Dade and Broward (Boca Raton City) counties that exist within the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, require this type of protection. For Approval Documents visit Noa Miami Dade

Impact Windows Required in Florida

These counties require that you purchase impact windows that have been rated and approved by the Florida Building Code or Miami-Dade Product Approval Division. For an impact window to be acceptable, a 9 pound 2 by 4 piece of lumber cannot penetrate the glass at the speed of 34 miles per hour. The impact window can break, however the piece of lumber cannot go directly through it.

Impact windows then need to be successfully and properly installed according to code by the owner of the building or a licensed contractor. This addition of required impact windows must pass an inspection to be approved by the county and in compliance.

What will I need to do immediately following the completed installation?

For the window to properly seal, the caulking needs up to 48 hours to cure and harden. During those 48 hours, do not touch, adjust or clean the window. Also, there will be a sticker left on each impact window, do not remove this sticker. Your town or city will need to see this sticker upon final inspection and will let you know when it can be removed.

Do impact windows protect against someone breaking into my home via window?

Impact windows are made from two separate pieces of glass that have an additional plastic layer in between. These windows cannot be broken without a very specialized tool that is only provided to fireman. This tool is a type of chainsaw that is very noisy and is in no way an easy and inconspicuous way to break into a building. That being said, it would be very, very difficult for someone to break into a home that had all impact windows and doors.

What if the Storm windows do not work correctly during a hurricane?

Before an impact window can be approved to the building code, it will be examined and inspected. These inspections ensure that the window will perform correctly in a hurricane. To date, there have not been any reports of impact window failure of a window that has met the building code.

Can an entire impact window be blown into my home?

Hurricane Windows are fastened to the window frame, are completely differently than a traditional window. Impact windows are fastened to the internal structure of your home, not the outside wall. They are much stronger and stable this way as they are deeply attached, not merely sitting in a frame.

Are "My Windows" Impact Resistant?

If you didn’t select and purchase the windows yourself, it can be difficult to know whether or not your current windows are impact resistant. This is a problem that a lot of new homeowners face after the purchase of their new house as well as owners that don’t have the paperwork from the original window installation. If you find yourself struggling with this situation, you have landed in the right place. There are a few characteristic differences that may be able to help you determine which type of windows you currently have in your residential or commercial building.

My Windows Are Impact Resistant

Two Pieces vs One Piece Glass

First of all, the main difference between traditional and impact windows is the shatter-resistant glass that exists within a sturdy, strong frame. You may be able to tell just by looking at it, what type of window it is. An impact window is two pieces of glass adhered together with Polyvinyl Butaryl, a traditional window will simply have one piece of glass in the frame.

Testing the reflection is an easy way to determine if there is one or two pieces of glass. Hold your hand up to the window, if you only see on hand in the reflection, it’s a traditional, single pane window. If there are two different reflections, there is likely two pieces of glass and signs of an impact window.

Impact Windows Manufacturer Seal

As you inspect the window, it could also be beneficial to look for any writing or stamping in the corners. It is common for manufacturers to stamp their name or a date into the glass. This will help you determine where the windows came from and potentially if they are impact resistant. A removable label may also be adhered to the window and can provide contact information for the manufacturer. A simple call might be able to answer all your questions. When reaching out to the store or manufacturer, in addition to finding out what type of window you have, there are other questions to ask.

For example, you should inquire about the year your window was manufactured, when it was installed and if there are any warranties you need to be aware of when it comes to repairs or replacement windows.

The Best Hurricane Protection

Impact windows and doors provide the utmost home protection against hurricanes. These windows are made from two pieces of glass with a plastic interlayer that increases strength and stability. Not only can these windows withstand the strongest winds, but they can resist impacts due to flying debris like lumber.

When an impact window is used, the house is better protected from both exterior and interior damage due to a hurricane or other extreme weather event. If you are looking for a few reasons to invest in impact windows and doors, look no further. These additions to your home can protect against hurricanes, burglaries, outside noise as well as UV rays. Most importantly though, impact windows and doors increase the value of your home and can even qualify you for a discount on your homeowners insurance premium.

How Impact Resistant Windows can decrease Insurance Cost?

That’s right, installing impact windows and doors can qualify you for significant insurance premium discounts. We have seen discounts of up to 40% when a home has all impact windows and doors covering entrances. Protecting your home against windstorms, hurricanes and other severe weather events is beneficial to both you and the insurance company.

Due to this overall win-win situation, discounts are widely available. Some states actually require insurance companies to give discounts to homeowners that install impact windows and doors. After impact window and door installation, insurance companies can be notified, provided with proof and furthermore, apply the discount to your policy. The sooner you have your impact windows and doors installed, the sooner you can start saving money!

About Vv Windows | Impact Windows Manufacturer

Vv Windows is an Impact Windows Manufacturer based in Miami Dade County.  If you need more information about our company visit About Vv Windows . It will be a pleasure to help you.