How To Install Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows?

Hurricanes are characterized by extremely high-velocity winds and the potential for flooding. The debris that these winds are capable of carrying can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Hurricane-force winds can turn garbage cans, roof sheathing, tiles and tree branches into destructive projectiles, thereby posing the greatest threat to families and their homes. The key to protecting your home as well as everyone and everything inside it is to install impact windows and doors. V&V Windows has the widest range of doors and windows to help keep you and your home safe.

Designs Have Evolved

When they were first introduced on the market over 20 years ago, impact-resistant doors and windows were not known for their style. Since that time, there has been considerable research and development which has helped these products catch up with today’s much stricter building codes. There are numerous types and styles of these products available on the market today. Most of these products include features such as:

  • Awnings
  • Casements
  • Fixed panes
  • Horizontal rollers

Furthermore, impact windows are available in double and single-hung models while other items such as skylights and patio or sliding glass doors are available in impact-resistant varieties. Additionally, nearly every window manufacturer in the US today manufactures high-grade, impact-resistant doors and windows that will meet all protective standard certifications.

Professional Installation Required

As with all doors and windows, impact-resistant models must be properly installed by trained professionals in order to maintain their integrity. Every manufacturer, including V&V Windows, specifies how they must be installed to ensure maximum protection against hurricane force winds. No matter how high the level of quality or the durability and strength, the way in which impact windows are attached to a structure is critical.  Otherwise, there will be a greater potential for error. That is why we recommend that when you buy any of our products, call in our team to install it properly.

One of the most important installation factors is ensuring that the window has a caulk seal that is watertight. As you move closer to the Florida coastline, the requirements for fasteners becomes increasingly more stringent. For example, impact-resistant windows for homes in close proximity to or on the beach must be installed using stainless steel screws in order to hold up to the salt in the air. On the other hand, homes located further inland will have windows installed with galvanized screws.

It’s important to remember the other qualities that impact windows offer such as better energy efficiency, increased security, and reduced noise pollution. For more information, contact V&V Windows today and let us help you keep your home safe.